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Workflow: FeatView->FastaView->CoGeBlast

Brassica orthologs to AT1G51600

Workflow: FeatView->SynFind->SynMap->GEvo

Collinearity of AT5G38470

Workflow: SynFind->GEvo

  • SynFind (searching Arabidopsis thaliana, Arabidopsis lyrata, Brassica rapa):
  • GEvo:

Exploratory analysis

Workflow: OrganismView->SynMap->explore!

Expression data support

In development:

  • http://genomevolution.org/r/58rk
    • GenomeView with Arabidopsis and 7 test "experiments".
    • High performance experiment data storage engine
    • Different types and density of data

Prototype system:

GO Analysis Support

In development:

Once completed, can leverage CoGe's annotation system for lists of genes with GO annotations for GO enrichment analysis