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CoGe's Job Execution Framework (known as "Jex") was developed to improve workflow management, scaling, and reliability. The CoGe team has been gradually porting existing tools (such as SynMap) to use Jex, most recently LoadGenome, LoadExperiment, etc.

A current limitation of Jex is its inability to provide logging and error reporting information beyond which step of the workflow failed. This means that when a workflow fails, such as loading a genome into CoGe using LoadGenome, there is not enough information displayed in the status window to determine the cause of the failure. We are working with the developers of the WorkQueue, the worker management agent used in Jex, to improve its logging capabilities.

In the meantime, please contact the CoGe Support Team at to help determine and fix the cause of any workflow failures. Most failures to load data into CoGe are due to incorrect file formats. Please see the appropriate link below for data criteria: