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LoadBatch provides the ability to conveinently load a set of genomes or experiments in a single operation. To load a set of genomes or experiments using LoadGenome and LoadExperiment would require running the tool for each genome/experiment individually and is very time consuming for large data sets.


Metadata File

A single metadata file that describes the data files contained is required for the load. See the metadata section: Metadata

Data File(s)

Data files can be given individually or together as a compressed tar archive file (ending in .tar.gz, also known as a "tarball").

Valid combinations of input files include:

  • tarball of metadata file and data file(s)
  • metadata file and tarball of data file(s)
  • separate metadata file and data files

Note: tarballs must not contain subdirectories.

The interface allows you to select and retrieve data files located at:

  • The iPlant Data Store
  • An FTP server
  • Your computer (Upload)

Data Formats

For supported genome data file formats, see LoadGenome.

For supported experiment data file formats, see LoadExperiment.