Nelumbo nucifera self-self

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SynMap whole genome syntenic dotplot: evidence for tetraploidy

Nelumbo nuclifera self-self shows extensive synteny to self. Genome-wide pattern with similar Ks values for syntenic gene-pairs is strong evidence of a tetraploidy event in this lineage. No evidence for the eurosid/eudicot-specific paleohexaploidy.

SynMap self-self comparison of scaffold assembly of Nelumo nuclifera. Results may be regenerated at:
SynMap self-self comparison of Nelumbo nuclifera. Contigs are arranged by the Syntenic Path Assembly and color coded by Ks value. Results may be regenerated

GEvo high-resolution syntenic analysis

High-resolution analysis of two Nelumbo nuclifera contigs show classic synteny pattern: collinear arrangement of paralogous gene pairs.

Comparison of two syntenic regions as evidenced by the collinear arrangement of paralogous gene pairs. Note the tandem gene duplication. Results may be regenerated: