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Do not lose all hope if your favorite gene or genes are not currently included on the table. With limited time we couldn't manually connect all the known maize genes to gene models. If you are willing to identify a GenBank sequence for a gene and figure out the ID of the corresponding gene model from the B73 reference genome, we'd be happy to add it to this table (we'd identify syntenic orthologs in the other sequenced grass genomes and generate the comparison panels.) Contact James Schnable.

About the Dataset

This table contains 464 studied maize genes where the sequence was readily identifiable from the maizeGDB locus page, and the locus page listed at least three unique publications that dealt with the gene. Each of these genes was located on the reference B73 genome assembly (B73 RefGen_v1), tying a named maize gene (for example: liguleless3 ) to a gene model (for example: GRMZM2G087741).

Be aware that will doubtless release revised version of the maize genome assembly and maize gene models (in fact the v2 assembly is already available although the gene models for it are not). The links currently included in this table will always take you to comparisons using the version 1 assembly, but we plan to release updated versions if substantial changes are made in future revisions of the maize genome.

The table also includes data on the homeologous region of maize and syntenic orthologs (or syntenic regions if no ortholog was identified) in other sequenced grass genomes (Sorghum bicolor, Oryza sativa(rice), and Brachypodium distachyon).

The mapping of maize gene names to gene models and the identification of orthologous syntenic regions was done by James Schnable of the Freeling lab at UC-Berkeley, the contact person for any questions about the data.

Please let us know if you come across errors in the table or spreadsheet!

Table Key

  1. Gene Symbol
  2. Citation Count: The number of unique citations for this gene listed on the MaizeGDB locus page.
  3. Gene ID: The name of the gene model assigned by in the B73 RefGen_v1 release.
  4. Gene Name: Links to the maizeGDB locus page for this gene with up to a century of maize research (publications, phenotypes, alleles, sequences, mapping data etc).
  5. GenBank ID: The GenBank ID of the sequence used to tie the named maize gene to a gene model. Links to the NCBI page for that sequence.
  6. GEvo Comparison: A GEvo link to compare the GenBank maize gene sequence and the region of the maize genome it was manually matched to. Good for catching problems with gene models and viewing the region around the maize gene.
  7. Sorghum Ortholog: Syntenic Sorghum Ortholog (or the region where a syntenic ortholog would be predicted, if no ortholog was found)
  8. Maize1: Maize region 1. This can either be the maize gene itself, the homeologous gene, or the homeologous region if no actual homeolog was found.
  9. Maize2: Maize region 2. This can either be the maize gene itself, the homeologous gene, or the homeologous gene, or the homeologous region if no actual homeolog was found.
  10. Rice Ortholog: Syntenic Rice Ortholog (or the region where a syntenic ortholog would be predicted, if no ortholog was identified)
  11. Brachypodium Ortholog: Syntenic Brachypodium Ortholog (or the region where a syntenic ortholog would be predicted, if no ortholog was identified)
  12. Syntenic Ortholog Panel: A GEvo link to compare up to five syntenic regions in the four sequenced grasses. (Two in maize and one each from rice, sorghum, and brachypodium.) Syntenic regions are displayed when a orthologous or homeologous gene could not be identified, but we could a syntenic orthologous/homeologous region of less than one megabase.

You can also download the whole table as a comma delimited spreadsheet here.

Maize region 1 and maize region 2 are reconstructions of the two copies of the maize genome created by the maize whole genome duplication 4-12 million years ago. More details on this process here.


  • The maize gene of interest could be in either the Maize1 or Maize2 region. You can tell by checking the assigned gene names.
  • When linking to a region that contains a number of local duplicates of a gene it's difficult to determine exact orthologous relationships. The region will be centered on a gene from within the cluster of local dups, but the studied maize mutant may be one of the other nearby copies of the gene.


Examples of interpreting data from the syntenic orthologs panels.

A video introduction to the links in this spreadsheet for people who have never used GEvo.

If you need to do more advanced comparisons, the place to go is our documentation of GEvo.

You can also check out the index of all the tutorials we've written for CoGe.

The Table

Gene Symbol Unique Citations Gene ID Gene Name GenBank ID GEvo Comparison Sorghum Ortholog Maize1 Maize2 Rice Ortholog Brachypodium Ortholog Syntenic Ortholog Panel
wx1 176 GRMZM2G024993 waxy1; waxy-1 AF267643 Sb10g002140 GRMZM2G024993 Os06g04200 Bradi1g50090
adh1 173 GRMZM2G442658 alcohol dehydrogenase1 M32984 Sb01g008730 GRMZM2G442658 GR-5-7946284-7956179-0
o2 152 GRMZM2G015534 opaque endosperm2 M29411 Sb02g004590-Sb02g004610 GRMZM2G015534 GR-2-230411161-230388434-1
p1 127 GRMZM2G335358 pericarp color1 AY702552 Sb01g037670-Sb01g037690-Sb01g037695 GRMZM2G057027-GRMZM2G064597-GRMZM2G335358-GRMZM2G417867 GRMZM2G022686 Os03g19120 Bradi1g64690
bz1 122 GRMZM2G165390 bronze1 X13502 Sb10g006140 GRMZM2G165390 GR-6-110005524-109348832-1 Os06g09240 Bradi1g46850
sh1 122 GRMZM2G089713 shrunken1 X02400 Sb10g006330 GRMZM2G089713 GR-6-109326431-109401275-1 Os06g09450 Bradi1g46670
a1 112 GRMZM2G026930 anthocyaninless1 X05068 Sb03g028880-Sb03g028890 GRMZM2G026930 GRMZM2G013726 Os01g44260 Bradi2g44480
sh2 112 GRMZM2G429899 shrunken2 M81603 Sb03g028850 GRMZM2G429899 GR-8-144680816-144765944-0 Os01g44220 Br-2-44943640-44285633-1
c1 106 GRMZM2G005066 colored aleurone1 M37153 Sb10g006700 GRMZM2G005066 GRMZM2G701063 Os06g10350 Br-1-44942869-44914344-1
kn1 100 GRMZM2G075761-GRMZM2G017087 knotted1 X61308 Sb01g012200 GRMZM2G017087 GRMZM2G303381 Os03g51690-Os03g51710 Bradi1g12680-Bradi1g12690
su1 83 GRMZM2G138060 sugary1 U18908 Sb07g027200 GR-1-190068240-190021872-0 GRMZM2G138060 Os08g40930 Bradi3g40410
b1 78 GRMZM2G172795 colored plant1 X70791 Sb06g025020-Sb06g025040-Sb06g025060 GRMZM2G172795 GR-10-138330335-137960271-0 Os04g47040-Os04g47059-Os04g47080 Br-5-21151551-21152368-1
bz2 72 GRMZM2G016241 bronze2 U14599 Sb01g022070-Sb01g022080 GRMZM2G016241 GR-5-33360389-33406826-1
c2 69 GRMZM2G018724 colorless2 X60205 Sb05g020150-Sb05g020160-Sb05g020170-Sb05g020180-Sb05g020190-Sb05g020200-Sb05g020210-Sb05g020220-Sb05g020230 GRMZM2G018724 GR-2-220760360-221039208-0
pl1 65 GRMZM2G701063 purple plant1 AF015268 Sb10g006700 GRMZM2G005066 GRMZM2G701063 Os06g10350 Br-1-44942869-44914344-1
vp1 62 GRMZM2G133398 viviparous1 M60214 Sb03g043480 GRMZM2G133398 GR-8-161553721-161551764-0 Os01g68370 Bradi2g58390
adh2 57 GRMZM2G098346 alcohol dehydrogenase2 X02915 Sb05g009350-Sb05g009360 GRMZM2G098346 Os11g10480-Os11g10510-Os11g10520 Bradi4g22610-Bradi4g22620-Bradi4g22630
ae1 55 GRMZM2G032628 amylose extender1 AF072725 Sb04g021540 GRMZM2G032628 Os02g32660 Bradi3g44760
bt2 49 GRMZM2G068506 brittle endosperm2 AF544167 Sb07g012320 GRMZM2G163437 GRMZM2G068506 Os08g25734 Bradi3g22330
fl2 44 GRMZM2G397687 floury2 L34340
sus1 44 GRMZM2G152908 sucrose synthase1 L33244 Sb01g033060 GR-1-68561180-68414822-1 GRMZM2G152908 Os03g28330 Bradi1g60320
bt1 43 GRMZM2G144081 brittle endosperm1 M79333 Sb04g007010 GRMZM2G144081 GR-4-237633519-237609448-1 Os02g10800 Bradi3g07500
pep1 42 GRMZM2G083841 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase1 X15238 Sb10g021330 GRMZM2G083841 Os-6-20402405-20453253-1 Bradi1g39170
vp5 42 GRMZM2G410515 viviparous5 AF039585 Sb01g044990 GRMZM2G410515 GR-9-145608775-145613499-1
an1 40 GRMZM2G081554 anther ear1 L37750 Sb01g021990 GRMZM2G081554 GR-5-33215333-33279717-0
cat1 38 GRMZM2G088212 catalase1 X60135 Sb10g030840 GRMZM2G088212 GR-6-81461133-81413035-1 Os06g51150 Bradi1g29800
cat3 37 GRMZM2G079348 catalase3 L05934 Sb04g001130 GR-5-68622493-68748391-1 GRMZM2G079348 Os02g02400 Bradi3g01470
glu1 37 GRMZM2G016890 beta glucosidase1 U33816 Sb08g007610-Sb08g007650 GRMZM2G014844-GRMZM2G016890 GRMZM2G120962-GRMZM2G426467
tb1 37 AC233950.1_FGT002 teosinte branched1 U94494
gl1 36 GRMZM2G114642 glossy1 U37428
bm3 34 AC196475.3_FG004 brown midrib3 M73235 Sb07g003860 GR-10-78933024-77955016-0 AC196475 Os08g06100 Bradi3g16530
rp1 34 tandem array (AC152495.1_FGT002) resistance to Puccinia sorghi1 AF107293
rs1 34 GRMZM2G028041 rough sheath1 L44133 Sb02g002200 GRMZM2G028041 GRMZM2G452178 Os07g03770 Bradi1g57610
abp1 33 GRMZM2G116204 auxin binding protein1 L08425 Sb08g016760 GRMZM2G064371-GRMZM2G078508 GRMZM2G116204 Os12g34450-Os12g34460 Bradi4g06030
cat2 32 GRMZM2G090568 catalase2 X54819 Sb01g048280 GRMZM2G090568 Os03g03910 Bradi1g76330
ts2 32 GRMZM2G455809 tassel seed2 L20621 Sb01g038050 GRMZM2G455809 GR-9-132470924-132506597-1 Os03g18740 Bradi1g64990
dek1 31 GRMZM2G321753 defective kernel1 AY061806 Sb01g037910 GRMZM2G321753 GR-9-132373419-132382089-1
lg3 31 GRMZM2G087741 liguleless3 AF100455 Sb03g012480-Sb03g012497 GRMZM2G087741 GR-8-36733588-36555518-1 Os01g19694 Bradi2g11540
du1 30 GRMZM2G141399 dull endosperm1 AF023159 Sb07g005400 GRMZM2G141399 GR-4-27965455-27919466-1 Os08g09230 Bradi3g15030
rip1 30 GRMZM2G063536 ribosome-inactivating protein1 X07987
a2 28 GRMZM2G345717 anthocyaninless2 X55314 Sb04g000260 GRMZM2G345717 GR-4-246861339-246608778-1
oy1 28 GRMZM2G419806 oil yellow1 DQ084025 Sb08g004300 GRMZM2G419806 GR-3-137793040-137722058-0
d8 27 GRMZM2G144744 dwarf plant8 AY103865 GRMZM2G144744 GRMZM2G104342 Os03g49990 Br-1-8171137-8215624-0
glb1 27 GRMZM2G067919 globulin1 U28017 Sb01g012640 GRMZM2G067919 GR-5-14479921-14116800-1 Os03g46100 Bradi1g13040
lc1 27 AF466202.2_FGT004 red leaf color1 M26227
lg1 27 GRMZM2G036297 liguleless1 AF451895 Sb06g031290 GRMZM2G036297 GRMZM2G058588 Os04g56170 Bradi5g24670
ps1 27 AC205536.3_FGT003 pink scutellum1 AY206862
rf2 27 GRMZM2G072755-GRMZM2G058675 restorer of fertility2 U43082 GRMZM2G072755 Os06g15990 Bradi1g43770
su2 27 GRMZM2G348551 sugary2 AY499410 Sb10g008200 GR-9-4254463-3956431-1 GRMZM2G348551 Os06g12450 Bradi1g45130
zpl2b 27 GRMZM2G404459 zein polypeptidesL2b AF371270 Sb05g024310-Sb05g024320 GRMZM2G018193-GRMZM2G053120-GRMZM2G059620-GRMZM2G171768-GRMZM2G353268-GRMZM2G353272-GRMZM2G404459 GR-2-226126165-226243649-1
whp1 26 GRMZM2G151227 white pollen1 X60204 AC191551-GRMZM2G131529-GRMZM2G334954-GRMZM2G432090-GRMZM2G435393 GRMZM2G151227
d3 25 GRMZM2G093195 dwarf plant3 U32579 Sb10g000920 GRMZM2G093195 GR-6-57640340-57811726-0 Os06g02019 Bradi1g51780
mn1 25 GRMZM2G119689 miniature seed1 AF050631 GRMZM2G119689 Os04g33720-Os04g33740 Bradi5g09430-Bradi5g09440-Bradi5g09450
hm1 24 AC206031.3_FGT005 Helminthosporium carbonum susceptibility1 L02540
mdh4 24 GRMZM2G415359 malate dehydrogenase4 AA051891 Sb01g019280 GRMZM2G415359 GR-5-28063783-28693815-1 Os10g33800 Bradi3g28820
hrg1 23 GRMZM2G168651 hydroxyproline rich glycoprotein1 X63134 Sb06g016310 GRMZM2G168651 GR-10-114948933-115266997-0 Os04g34170 Bradi5g09790
ts6 23 AC225147.4_FGT004 tasselseed6 AF048900
dhn1 22 GRMZM2G079440 dehydrin1 X15290 Sb09g018420 GRMZM2G079440
lg2 22 GRMZM2G060216 liguleless2 AY180106
zag1 22 GRMZM2G052890 Zea AGAMOUS homolog1 L18924 Sb09g006360 GRMZM2G052890 GR-8-91838412-91937586-1 Os05g11380-Os05g11414 Bradi2g32910
gl8 21 AC205703.4_FGT007 glossy8 U89509
gpc1 21 GRMZM2G046804 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase1 X15596
hcf106 21 GRMZM2G171887 high chlorophyll fluorescence106 AF027808 Sb06g014410 GRMZM2G171887 GRMZM2G151529
cr4 20 GRMZM2G051637 crinkly4 U67422 Sb08g003290 GRMZM2G051637 GR-3-229908409-230030627-0
gst1 20 GRMZM2G116273 glutathione-S-transferase1 X06754 Sb03g035420 GRMZM2G156877 GRMZM2G116273 Os01g55830 Bradi2g50760
id1 20 GRMZM2G011357 indeterminate growth1 AF058757 Sb01g021480 GRMZM2G011357 GR-5-32488060-32726874-1 Os10g28330 Bradi3g26910
mdh2 20 GRMZM2G154595 malate dehydrogenase2 AY103861 Sb09g029240 GRMZM2G154595 GR-8-70695181-70065622-0 Os05g49880 Bradi2g15740
ra1 20 GRMZM2G003927 ramosa1 AY957396 Sb02g024400-Sb02g024410 GRMZM2G003927 GR-2-176851476-176907356-1
te1 20 GRMZM2G085113 terminal ear1 AF047852 Sb03g043230 GRMZM2G085113 GR-8-162181155-162213007-0 Os01g68000 Bradi2g58100
nnr1 19 GRMZM2G142386 nitrate reductase(NADH)1 M77792 Sb07g022750 GRMZM2G076723 GRMZM2G142386 Os08g36480-Os08g36500 Bradi3g37940
ns1 19 GRMZM2G069028 narrow sheath1 AJ536578 Sb05g003490 GR-4-195761059-195970207-0 GRMZM2G069028
pep2 19 GRMZM2G069542 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase2 X67471 Sb04g008720 GRMZM2G069542 GRMZM2G074122 Os02g14770 Bradi3g09210
sn1 19 AF466202.2_FGT004 scutellar node color1 X60706
afd1 18 GRMZM2G059037 absence of first division1 AY788900 Sb09g029640 GRMZM2G059037 GR-8-72403265-72500235-0 Os05g50410 Bradi2g15000
chi1 18 GRMZM2G155329 chalcone flavanone isomerase1 Z22760 Sb01g003330 GRMZM2G155329 GR-5-2444307-2525628-0 Os03g60509 Bradi1g03840
pep7 18 GRMZM2G069542 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase7 X67471 Sb04g008720 GRMZM2G069542 GRMZM2G074122 Os02g14770 Bradi3g09210
ssu1 18 GRMZM2G098520 ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase small subunit1 X06535 Sb05g003480 GRMZM2G098520 GRMZM2G113033
tan1 18 GRMZM2G039113 tangled1 AF305892 Sb09g018850 GRMZM2G039113
g2 17 GRMZM2G087804 golden plant2 AF298118 Sb03g000400 GRMZM2G087804 GR-8-28556188-28454625-1 Os01g13740 Bradi2g08290
gpa1 17 GRMZM2G337113 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase1 X07157
orp1 17 GRMZM2G169593 orange pericarp1 M76684 Sb07g002770 GRMZM2G005024 GRMZM2G169593 Os08g04180 Bradi3g14490
S 17 AF466202.2_FG004 seed color component at R1 X15806
sod4 17 GRMZM2G169890 superoxide dismutase4 X17565 Sb01g035350 GRMZM2G169890 GRMZM2G058522 Os03g22810 Br-1-61641443-61623462-1
tua1 17 AC195340.3_FG001 alpha tubulin1 X63176 Sb01g006540 GR-1-281973325-281929113-0 AC195340
acc1 16 GRMZM2G341031 acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase1 Z24449 Sb06g003090 GRMZM2G341031 AC197672-GRMZM2G066080 Os-4-8294097-8487803-0 Bradi5g03860
ald1 16 GRMZM2G057823 aldolase1 X12872 Sb03g043140 GRMZM2G057823 GRMZM2G066024 Os01g67860 Bradi2g58050
bm1 16 GRMZM2G110175 brown midrib1 AJ005702 Sb04g005950 GRMZM2G110175 GR-4-240185625-240187083-1 Os02g09490 Bradi3g06480
gl15 16 GRMZM2G160730 glossy15 U41466 Sb10g025053 GRMZM2G160730 GR-6-97450941-97428452-0 Os06g43220 Bradi1g30340
gl2 16 GRMZM2G098239 glossy2 AY109951 Sb06g028160 GRMZM2G098239 GR-10-141563642-141579569-0 Os04g52164 Bradi5g21350
pgm2 16 GRMZM2G023289 phosphoglucomutase2 U89342 Sb01g010280 GRMZM2G023289 GRMZM2G109383 Os03g50480 Bradi1g11440
rld1 16 GRMZM2G109987 rolled leaf1 AY501430 Sb01g050000 GR-1-2785910-2772680-0 GRMZM2G109987 Os03g01890 Br-1-74044389-74075242-0
ubi2 16 GRMZM2G419891 ubiquitin2 S94466 Sb04g004260-Sb04g004270-Sb04g004280 GRMZM2G005562 GRMZM2G118637-GRMZM2G419844-GRMZM2G419891 Os02g06640 Bradi3g04730
zmm2 16 GRMZM2G359952 Zea mays MADS2 X81200 GRMZM2G471089 GRMZM2G359952 Os01g10504
zp27 16 GRMZM2G138727 27-kDa zein protein M16218 Sb02g025510 GRMZM2G138727 GRMZM2G060429
am1 15 AC233885.1_FG004 ameiotic1 DQ663482 Sb01g013260 GRMZM2G353497 AC233885 Os03g44750 Bradi1g13560
bx1 15 GRMZM2G085381 benzoxazinless1 X76713
eno1 15 GRMZM2G064302 enolase1 X55981 Sb10g002460 GRMZM2G064302 GRMZM2G446253 Os06g04510 Bradi1g51540
gst4 15 GRMZM2G146246 glutathione S-transferase4 W49853 Sb03g044980 GRMZM2G146246 GR-8-158418594-158416581-0 Os01g70770 Bradi2g59840-Bradi2g59850-Bradi2g59860
ij1 15 GRMZM2G004583 iojap striping1 Z15063 Sb02g028720 GRMZM2G004583 GR-2-187570888-187749341-1 Os09g32030 Br-4-39685778-39691221-1
mgs1 15 GRMZM2G317406 male-gametophyte specific1 S44171 Sb06g014740 GRMZM2G022347 GRMZM2G317406 Os04g32680 Bradi5g08410
pep4 15 GRMZM2G473001 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase4 X61489 Sb02g021090 GRMZM2G473001 GR-2-172063950-172099544-1 Os09g14670 Bradi4g27910
pex1 15 GRMZM2G453012 pollen extensin-like1 Z34465
pgm1 15 GRMZM2G023289 phosphoglucomutase1 AY109575 Sb01g010280 GRMZM2G023289 GRMZM2G109383 Os03g50480 Bradi1g11440
ts1 15 GRMZM2G104843 tassel seed1 FJ360855 Sb06g018040 GRMZM2G104843 GRMZM2G070092 Os04g37430 Bradi5g11590
vp8 15 GRMZM2G010353 viviparous8 EU401893 Sb01g005710 GRMZM2G010353 GR-5-4460151-4595703-1 Os03g57660 Bradi1g06230
ivr2 14 GRMZM2G089836 invertase2 AJ563384 Sb04g000615 GRMZM2G089836 GR-4-246079319-246071007-1 Os02g01590 Br-3-494954-518853-0
mdh5 14 GRMZM2G415359 malate dehydrogenase5 T18819 Sb01g019280 GRMZM2G415359 GR-5-28063783-28693815-1 Os10g33800 Bradi3g28820
pal1 14 GRMZM2G074604 phenylalanine ammonia lyase homolog1 M95077
pgd2 14 GRMZM2G145715 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase2 AF061837 Sb03g045216 GRMZM2G145715 GR-8-158368582-158121339-1
ra2 14 AC233943.1_FGT002 ramosa2 BT035538
sod3 14 GRMZM2G078135-GRMZM2G059991 superoxide dismutase3 M33119 Sb09g011450 GRMZM2G078135 GRMZM2G124455 Os05g25850 Bradi2g30580
tga1 14 GRMZM2G101511 teosinte glume architecture1 AY883559 Sb07g026220 GR-1-194313856-193744996-0 AC233751-GRMZM2G101511 Os08g41940 Bradi3g41250
tpi4 14 GRMZM2G030784 triose phosphate isomerase4 L00371 Sb03g006130 GRMZM2G030784 GRMZM2G018177 Os01g05490 Bradi2g03170
ys1 14 GRMZM2G156599 yellow stripe1 AF186234 Sb04g033320-Sb04g033330-Sb04g033340 GRMZM2G135291-GRMZM2G156599 GR-4-149737246-149771271-0 Os02g43370-Os02g43410 Bradi3g50260-Bradi3g50270
zp1 14 GRMZM2G008913 zein alpha protein1 X58700
emp2 13 GRMZM2G039155 empty pericarp 2 AF494285 Sb02g023490 GR-7-96304118-96864782-1 GRMZM2G039155 Os09g20830 Br-4-34691222-34722881-1
gn1 13 GRMZM2G452178 gnarley1 AY312168 Sb02g002200 GRMZM2G028041 GRMZM2G452178 Os07g03770 Bradi1g57610
gpc3 13 GRMZM2G127664 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase3 L13431 Sb04g025120 GRMZM2G176307 GRMZM2G071630-GRMZM2G127664 Os02g38920 Br-3-49487856-49494611-0
gpc4 13 GRMZM2G180625 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase4 X73151
hsp18f 13 GRMZM2G083810 heat shock protein18f X54076 Sb03g003530 GRMZM2G083810 GRMZM2G034157 Os01g08860 Bradi2g05380
ig1 13 GRMZM2G118250 indeterminate gametophyte1 EF081454 Sb03g042310 GRMZM2G118250-GRMZM2G419929 GRMZM2G133806 Os01g66590 Bradi2g57380
lhcb1 13 GRMZM2G351977 light harvesting chlorophyll a/b binding protein1 M87020 Sb03g033110 AC208915-GRMZM2G104549-GRMZM2G120619-GRMZM2G310755-GRMZM2G429955 GRMZM2G351977 Os01g52240 Br-2-48718382-48731077-0
orp2 13 GRMZM2G005024 orange pericarp2 M76685 Sb07g002770 GRMZM2G005024 GRMZM2G169593 Os08g04180 Bradi3g14490
et1 12 GRMZM2G157574 etched1 AJ507104 Sb03g027210 GRMZM2G157574 GR-8-140524036-140537768-1 Os01g42050 Bradi2g42950
lls1 12 GRMZM2G339563 lethal leaf spot1 U77345 Sb01g047120 GRMZM2G339563 GR-9-148319966-147972623-0 Os03g05310 Bradi1g75270
sbe1 12 GRMZM2G088753 starch branching enzyme1 D11081 Sb10g030773 GRMZM2G088753 GR-6-81605322-81459089-0 Os06g51084 Bradi1g29850
sod2 12 GRMZM2G025992 superoxide dismutase2 M54936 Sb02g042170 GRMZM2G025992 GR-2-212506646-212508701-1 Os07g46990 Bradi1g18340
act1 11 GRMZM2G126010 actin1 J01238 Sb09g021660 GR-6-150236607-149252725-0 GRMZM2G126010 Os05g36290 Bradi2g24070
gln1 11 GRMZM2G098290 glutamine synthetase1 X65931 GRMZM2G098290 Os-4-33430036-33404858-1 Bradi5g24540
gln4 11 GRMZM2G386046 glutamine synthetase4 X65928 Sb04g028690 GRMZM2G386046 GRMZM2G036464 Os02g50240 Bradi3g59970
gpc2 11 GRMZM2G180625 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase2 U45858
hmg1 11 GRMZM2G081580 high mobility group protein1 X66077 Sb10g030910 GRMZM2G081580 GRMZM2G378805 Os06g51220 Bradi1g29730
hox1 11 GRMZM2G136369 homeobox1 X67561 Sb09g025810 GRMZM2G094935-GRMZM2G474656 GRMZM2G136369 Os-5-25677103-25666121-0 Bradi2g19610
hsp18a 11 GRMZM2G056857 18 kda heat shock protein18a S59778
phyA1 11 GRMZM2G157633 phytochromeA1 AY234826 Sb01g009920-Sb01g009930 GRMZM2G157633 GRMZM2G181028 Os03g51030 Bradi1g10510-Bradi1g10520
prp2 11 GRMZM2G102356 pathogenesis-related protein2 T18697 Sb06g019320 GRMZM2G102356 GR-10-123369723-123490366-0 Os04g39150 Bradi5g12740
si1 11 GRMZM2G139073 silky1 AF181479 Sb10g029810 GR-5-59433229-59547764-1 GRMZM2G139073 Os06g49840 Bradi1g35000
tdy1 11 GRMZM2G321778 tie-dyed1 FJ376984 Sb09g029660 GRMZM2G321778 GR-8-72501782-72792038-0 Os05g50470 Bradi2g15230-Bradi2g15240
zp15 11 GRMZM2G086294 zein protein M12147 Sb09g000360 GRMZM2G086294 GR-8-133822101-133775655-1
cko1 10 GRMZM2G366222-GRMZM2G141804 cytokinin oxidase1 Y18377
crp1 10 GRMZM2G083950 chloroplast RNA processing1 AF073522 Sb02g035800 GRMZM2G083950 GR-2-201419037-201421672-1 Os07g36390 Br-1-20566609-20503963-1
glu2 10 GRMZM2G008247 beta-glucosidase2 U44087
got2 10 GRMZM2G469150 glutamate-oxaloacetate transaminase2 AY105250 Sb04g036060 GRMZM2G469150 GR-4-172803165-172754546-1 Os02g55420 Bradi3g54200
knox3 10 GRMZM2G000743 knotted related homeobox3 DQ056238 Sb01g009460-Sb01g009480 GRMZM2G000743 GRMZM2G002225 Os03g47016-Os03g47036 Bradi1g10050
lg4 10 GRMZM2G094241 liguleless4 AF457118 Sb09g002520 GRMZM2G032332 GRMZM2G094241 Os05g03884 Bradi2g38390
me3 10 GRMZM2G085019 NADP malic enzyme3 J05130 Sb03g003220-Sb03g003230 GRMZM2G085019 Os01g09320 Bradi2g05620
rp3 10 AC230011.2_FGT002 resistance to Puccinia sorghi3 AF489541
rrb1 10 GRMZM2G003043 related to retinoblastoma1 AF007793
zag2 10 GRMZM2G160687 Zea AGAMOUS homolog2 L18925 Sb08g006460 GR-10-30631749-31271662-0 GRMZM2G160687 Os12g10540 Bradi4g40350
zap1 10 AC197034.3_FGT002 zea apetala homolog1 T12733
abph1 9 GRMZM2G035688 aberrant phyllotaxy1 AB042260 Sb06g022960 GRMZM2G035688 Os04g44280 Bradi5g16130
amya3 9 GRMZM2G138468 alpha amylase3 L25805 Sb02g026610-Sb02g026620-Sb02g026625 GR-7-120223001-120353848-0 GRMZM2G138468 Os09g28400-Os09g28420-Os09g28430 Bradi4g32140
ant1 9 GRMZM2G118373 adenine nucleotide translocator1 X15711
bap2 9 GRMZM2G152655 basal layer antifungal protein2 AJ133529
bd1 9 GRMZM2G307119 branched silkless1 AY196003 Sb02g042400 GRMZM2G307119 GRMZM2G458437 Os07g47330 Bradi1g18580
bif2 9 GRMZM2G171822 barren inflorescence2 EF532402 Sb08g021520 GRMZM2G171822 Os12g42020 Bradi4g01700
bsd2 9 GRMZM2G062788 bundle sheath defective2 AF126742
fer1 9 GRMZM2G325575 ferritin1 X61391 GRMZM2G325575 Os12g01530 Br-4-48149308-48123004-0
glb2 9 GRMZM2G026703 globulin2 X53715 Sb01g005440 GRMZM2G026703 GR-5-4481001-4415587-0 Os03g57960 Bradi1g05910-Bradi1g05940
gln2 9 GRMZM2G024104 glutamine synthetase2 X65927 Sb01g010270 GRMZM2G024104 GR-5-10756078-10810133-0 Os03g50490 Bradi1g11450
gln5 9 GRMZM2G036464 glutamine synthetase5 X65929 Sb04g028690 GRMZM2G386046 GRMZM2G036464 Os02g50240 Bradi3g59970
gln6 9 GRMZM2G050514 glutamine synthetase6 X65926 Sb01g042450 GRMZM2G050514 GRMZM2G046601 Os03g12290 Bradi1g69530
hsp18c 9 GRMZM2G034157 heat shock protein18c X54075 Sb03g003530 GRMZM2G083810 GRMZM2G034157 Os01g08860 Bradi2g05380
im30p1 9 GRMZM2G017077 IM30 protein homolog1 T12745 Sb03g042550 GRMZM2G017077 GRMZM2G024607 Os01g67000 Br-2-55658823-55680614-1
ivr1 9 GRMZM2G394450 invertase1 U16123 Sb06g023760 GRMZM2G394450 GR-10-132651163-132731925-0 Os04g45290 Bradi5g16900
ole3 9 AC206941.2_FGT002 oleosin3 J05212
rab15 9 GRMZM2G165901 responsive to abscisic acid15 X12564
rgd1 9 GRMZM2G020187 ragged seedling1 DQ832257
rs2 9 GRMZM2G403620 rough sheath2 AF143447 GRMZM2G403620 Os12g38400 Br-4-3221313-3196273-0
ssu2 9 GRMZM2G113033 ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase small subunit2 Y09214 Sb05g003480 GRMZM2G098520 GRMZM2G113033
tua2 9 GRMZM2G153292 alpha tubulin2 X15704 Sb01g009560-Sb01g009570 GRMZM2G153292 GRMZM2G152466 Os03g51600 Bradi1g10150
tua3 9 AC195340.3_FG001 alpha tubulin3 M60171 Sb01g006540 GR-1-281973325-281929113-0 AC195340
tub1 9 GRMZM2G164696 beta tubulin1 X52878 Sb01g050310 GRMZM2G164696 GR-9-150651272-151010892-1 Os03g01530 Bradi1g78210
zp22.1 9 GRMZM2G397687 zein protein 22.1 V01478
ba1 8 GRMZM2G397518 barren stalk1 AY753892 Sb03g038820 GRMZM2G397518 GR-8-169001192-168389776-0 Os01g61480 Bradi2g54030
bde1 8 GRMZM2G160565 bearded-ear1 L46397 Sb04g031750 GRMZM2G160565 GRMZM2G003514 Os02g45770 Bradi3g51800
dof2 8 GRMZM2G009406 DNA binding with one finger2 X79934 Sb02g027480 GRMZM2G089850 GRMZM2G009406 Os09g29960 Bradi4g33000
hm2 8 GRMZM2G086773 Helminthosporium carbonum susceptibility2 AF041047 Sb10g025740-Sb10g025770 GRMZM2G086773 GR-6-95792996-95743114-0 Os06g44170-Os06g44180 Bradi1g31020
incw1 8 GRMZM2G139300 cell wall invertase1 U17695 Sb04g021810 GRMZM2G139300 GR-4-106897940-107363856-0 Os02g33110 Bradi3g44990
mop1 8 GRMZM2G042443 mediator of paramutation1 DQ417755 Sb06g019330 GRMZM2G042443 GR-10-123369723-123490366-0 Os04g39160 Bradi5g12760
plt1 8 GRMZM2G101958 phospholipid transfer protein homolog1 J04176 Sb08g002700 GRMZM2G101958 GRMZM2G010868 Os11g02350 Bradi4g25750
prh1 8 GRMZM2G112240 ser/thr protein phosphatase1 M60215 Sb04g037500 GRMZM2G390076 GRMZM2G112240 Os02g57450 Bradi3g55620
prp1 8 AC205274.3_FGT001 pathogenesis-related protein1 X54325
sxd1 8 GRMZM2G009785 sucrose export defective1 AF302187 Sb04g010660 GRMZM2G009785 Os02g17650 Bradi3g10250
tbp2 8 GRMZM2G161418 TATA-binding protein2 L13302 Sb01g012880 GRMZM2G149238 GRMZM2G161418 Os03g45410 Bradi1g13220
tua4 8 GRMZM2G152466 alpha tubulin4 X73980 Sb01g009560-Sb01g009570 GRMZM2G153292 GRMZM2G152466 Os03g51600 Bradi1g10150
vp10 8 GRMZM2G067176 viviparous10 DQ231522 Sb06g031680 GRMZM2G324669 GRMZM2G067176 Os04g56620 Bradi5g24930
zmm31 8 GRMZM2G071620 Zea mays MADS31 AJ430640 AC197034-GRMZM2G071620 Os03g54160-Os03g54170 Br-1-5879212-5843779-0
bip1 7 GRMZM2G415007 Binding protein homolog1 U58208 Sb04g001140 GR-5-68622493-68748391-1 GRMZM2G415007 Os02g02410 Bradi3g01480
bx5 7 GRMZM2G063756 benzoxazinone synthesis5 X81830 Sb05g027160 GRMZM2G063756-GRMZM2G085661-GRMZM2G167549-GRMZM2G172491-GRMZM2G473480
d9 7 GRMZM2G024973 dwarf plant9 DQ903073 Sb01g009740 GR-1-269622629-269439303-0 GRMZM2G024973
dsc1 7 47507280 discolored kernel1 AF006498
dzs18 7 GRMZM2G136708 delta zein structural18 U31541 Sb10g013050 GR-9-45932965-46156735-0 GRMZM2G100018-GRMZM2G136708
fdx1 7 GRMZM2G122337 ferredoxin1 M73829 Sb07g000600-Sb07g000610-Sb07g000620 GRMZM2G048313-GRMZM2G122327-GRMZM2G122337 GRMZM2G043162 Os08g01380 Bradi3g13160-Bradi3g13170
gdh1 7 GRMZM2G178415 glutamic dehydrogenase1 AY106054 Sb01g005370 GRMZM2G178415 GR-5-4486666-4486068-1 Os03g58040 Bradi1g05680
gln3 7 GRMZM2G046601 glutamine synthetase3 X65930 Sb01g042450 GRMZM2G050514 GRMZM2G046601 Os03g12290 Bradi1g69530
grf1 7 GRMZM2G102499 general regulatory factor1 AY110485 Sb06g019100 GRMZM2G102499 GRMZM2G078641 Os04g38870 Bradi5g12510
in1 7 GRMZM2G042733 intensifier1 U57899 Sb02g006390 GRMZM2G042733 GR-2-157940640-157887011-1
lhcb3 7 GRMZM2G155216 light harvesting chlorophyll a/b binding protein3 X55892 GRMZM2G402936 GRMZM2G155216 Os-5-28136836-28132773-0 Bradi2g16260
ms45 7 GRMZM2G307906 male sterile45 AF360356 Sb01g040250 GRMZM2G100620 GRMZM2G307906 Os03g15700 Bradi1g67320
ole1 7 GRMZM2G337229 oleosin1 U13701
psei1 7 GRMZM2G438551 cystatin1 AM055630 Sb03g037370 GRMZM2G438551 GRMZM2G012160 Os01g58890 Bradi2g52670
rtcs1 7 GRMZM2G092542 rootless concerning crown and seminal roots1 EF051732 GRMZM2G092483-GRMZM2G092542 AC149818
rth1 7 GRMZM2G099056 roothair defective1 AY265854 GRMZM2G099056 Os03g42750 Bradi1g14440
sam1 7 GRMZM2G154397 S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase1 T12529 Sb06g021540 GRMZM2G154397 GRMZM2G125635 Os04g42090 Bradi5g14640
sod9 7 GRMZM2G058522 superoxide dismutase9 X17564 Sb01g035350 GRMZM2G169890 GRMZM2G058522 Os03g22810 Br-1-61641443-61623462-1
tha1 7 GRMZM2G180343 thylakoid assembly1 U71123 Sb03g013090 GRMZM2G180343 GR-8-38701184-38526712-0 Os01g21790-Os01g21820 Bradi2g12070
tlk1 7 GRMZM2G016671 tousled-like protein kinase1 AY644701 Sb01g008020 GRMZM2G016671 GRMZM2G172132 Os03g53880 Bradi1g08540
tub2 7 GRMZM2G334899 beta tubulin2 X52879 GRMZM2G334899 Os05g34170 Bradi2g26160
tub4 7 GRMZM2G066191 beta tubulin4 X74655 Sb01g012740 GRMZM2G108766 GRMZM2G066191 Os03g45920 Bradi1g13090
arpp2a 6 GRMZM2G119809 acidic ribosomal protein P2a X86553 Sb09g029390 GR-6-166914122-166060884-0 GRMZM2G102891-GRMZM2G105712-GRMZM2G119809
bx2 6 GRMZM2G085661 benzoxazinone synthesis2 X81831 Sb05g027160 GRMZM2G063756-GRMZM2G085661-GRMZM2G167549-GRMZM2G172491-GRMZM2G473480
bx3 6 GRMZM2G167549 benzoxazinone synthesis3 X81829 Sb05g027160 GRMZM2G063756-GRMZM2G085661-GRMZM2G167549-GRMZM2G172491-GRMZM2G473480
elfa1 6 AC233866.1_FG006 elongation factor alpha1 M95072 Sb09g018280-Sb09g018300 AC233866
fgs1 6 GRMZM2G036609 ferredoxin-dependent glutamate synthase1 M59190 Sb02g041740 GRMZM2G036609 GR-2-212001297-212005695-1 Os07g46460 Bradi1g19080
fie2 6 GRMZM2G148924 fertilization independent endosperm2 AY061965 GRMZM2G148924 Os-8-5570123-5340877-0 Bradi3g17420
grp1 6 GRMZM2G080603 glycine-rich protein1 X61121 Sb08g022740 GRMZM2G080603 GR-3-104466281-103807790-1 Os12g43600 Bradi4g00940
hyp1 6 GRMZM2G304378 hybrid proline-rich protein1 X60432 Sb10g004790 GRMZM2G304378 Os06g07220 Bradi1g48160
lhcb2 6 AC207722.2_FGT009 light harvesting chlorophyll a/b binding protein2 X14794
lox3 6 GRMZM2G109130 lipoxygenase3 AF465643 GRMZM2G109056-GRMZM2G109130 GRMZM2G102760 Os03g49260 Bradi1g11670-Bradi1g11680
mha2 6 GRMZM2G019404 plasma-membrane H+ATPase2 X85805 Sb06g031240 GRMZM2G019404-GRMZM2G020043 GRMZM2G006894 Os04g56160 Bradi5g24690
mlg3 6 GRMZM2G096475 lea protein group3 U05226 Sb09g027110 GRMZM2G096475 GR-8-59480332-59716966-0 Os05g46480 Bradi2g18090-Bradi2g18100
mrp1 6 GRMZM2G111306 Myb related protein1 AJ318518
nac1 6 GRMZM2G015605 NaCl stress protein1 T14760 Sb09g003050-Sb09g003060 GRMZM2G015605 GR-8-128045950-127948142-0 Os05g04700 Bradi2g36770
pal3 6 GRMZM2G074604 phenylalanine ammonia lyase3 L77912
rip2 6 GRMZM2G063536 ribosome-inactivating protein2 AJ300265
sal1 6 GRMZM2G117935 supernumerary aleurone1 AY243475 Sb10g025200 GRMZM2G117935 GRMZM2G332102-GRMZM2G701024 Os06g43590 Bradi1g30430
stc1 6 GRMZM2G177098 sesquiterpene cyclase1 AF296122 Sb10g006160 GRMZM2G177098 GR-6-110005524-109348832-0 Os-6-4652458-4648522-1 Bradi1g46840
tua5 6 GRMZM2G099167 alpha tubulin5 X63177 Sb02g037260 GRMZM2G083243 GRMZM2G099167 Os07g38730 Bradi1g23770
tua6 6 GRMZM2G083243 alpha tubulin6 X63178 Sb02g037260 GRMZM2G083243 GRMZM2G099167 Os07g38730 Bradi1g23770
tub6 6 GRMZM2G071790 beta tubulin6 L10633 Sb03g037490 GRMZM2G071790 GRMZM2G172932 Os01g59150 Bradi2g52790
zfl2 6 GRMZM2G180190 Zea floricaula leafy2 AY179881 Sb06g027340 GRMZM2G180190 GRMZM2G098813 Os04g51000 Bradi5g20340
akh2 5 GRMZM2G104546 aspartate kinase homoserine dehydrogenase2 L33913 Sb02g019450 GRMZM2G136712 GRMZM2G104546 Os09g12290 Bradi4g27450
ant2 5 GRMZM2G135186 adenine nucleotide translocator2 X15712 Sb04g029750 GR-5-202766937-202618444-0 GRMZM2G135186 Os02g48720 Bradi3g53520
atp1 5 GRMZM2G101020 ATPase1 M95063 Sb05g004510 GRMZM2G028432 GRMZM2G101020 Os11g06890 Bradi4g24290
bx4 5 GRMZM2G172491 benzoxazinone synthesis4 X81827 Sb05g027160 GRMZM2G063756-GRMZM2G085661-GRMZM2G167549-GRMZM2G172491-GRMZM2G473480
caf2 5 AC199526.5_FGT003-C199526.5_FGT004 crs2 associated factor2 AY264369
ccp2 5 GRMZM2G038636 cysteine protease2 X99936 Sb02g025920 GRMZM2G038636 GRMZM2G072501 Os09g27030 Bradi4g31440
crs2 5 GRMZM2G132021 chloroplast RNA splicing2 AF225708 Sb03g007130 GR-3-21645236-21971958-1 GRMZM2G132021 Os01g04130 Bradi2g02200
cyc1 5 GRMZM2G034647 cyclin1 U10078 GRMZM2G034647 Os05g41390-Os05g41430 Br-2-18721534-18707224-1
cyc4b 5 GRMZM2G310115 cyclin4 U10079 GRMZM2G073003 GRMZM2G310115 Os01g59120 Br-2-52022473-52048505-1
fer2 5 GRMZM2G147266 ferritin homolog2 X61392 GRMZM2G147266 Os12g01560 Br-4-48120971-48119825-1
fht1 5 GRMZM2G062396 flavanone 3-hydroxylase1 U04434 Sb06g031790 GRMZM2G062396 GR-10-146548699-146454352-0 Os04g56700 Bradi5g25050
fie1 5 GRMZM2G118205 fertilization independent endosperm1 AY061964 GRMZM2G118205 Os08g04270-Os08g04290 Bradi3g14510-Bradi3g14520
fps1 5 GRMZM2G168681 farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase1 AF330036 Sb09g027190 GR-6-162130102-162211492-1 GRMZM2G168681 Os05g46580 Bradi2g17990
gsr1 5 GRMZM2G172322 glutathione reductase1 T12723 Sb01g046260 GRMZM2G172322 GR-9-148978863-148870191-0 Os03g06740 Bradi1g74180
gzr1 5 GRMZM2G138727 gamma zein modifier1 S78780 Sb02g025510 GRMZM2G138727 GRMZM2G060429
hsp1 5 GRMZM2G310431 heat shock protein1 X03697 Sb03g039360 GR-3-179356723-179340939-1 GRMZM2G310431 Os01g62290 Br-2-53431604-53439843-0
les22 5 GRMZM2G044074 lesion22 AF058763 GRMZM2G044074 Os03g22060 Bradi1g63090
lop1 5 GRMZM2G072886 lo1 pI allergen homolog1 AY197352 GRMZM2G177391 GRMZM2G020852-GRMZM2G072886-GRMZM2G146551-GRMZM2G181202 Os10g40090 Bradi3g32810
mha1 5 GRMZM2G104325 membrane H(+)-ATPase1 U08985 Sb02g005440 GRMZM2G104325 GRMZM2G144821 Os07g09340 Bradi1g54850
ndk1 5 GRMZM2G134797 nucleotide diphosphate kinase1 T18831 Sb02g033710 GRMZM2G134797 Os07g30970 Bradi1g27120
oec6 5 GRMZM2G058070 oxygen evolving complex17 candidate Z26824 Sb02g035610 GRMZM2G058070 GR-2-201252921-201358913-0 Os07g36080 Bradi1g25430
pep3 5 GRMZM2G473001 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase3 X61489 Sb02g021090 GRMZM2G473001 GR-2-172063950-172099544-1 Os09g14670 Bradi4g27910
pip1b 5 AC209208.3_FG002 plasma membrane intrinsic protein1 AF131201 Sb04g032430 AC209208 GRMZM2G392975 Os02g44630 Bradi3g51390
pip2a 5 GRMZM2G178693 plasma membrane intrinsic protein2 AF130975 Sb06g022840 GRMZM2G178693 GR-10-130591115-130675125-0 Os04g44060 Bradi5g15970
plt2 5 GRMZM2G010868 phospholipid transfer protein homolog2 U66105 Sb08g002700 GRMZM2G101958 GRMZM2G010868 Os11g02350 Bradi4g25750
ppp1 5 GRMZM2G090718 pyrophosphate-energized proton pump1 T18800 Sb04g034340 GRMZM2G090718 GR-4-177458792-177324353-1 Os02g52940 Bradi3g57820
psei2 5 GRMZM2G012160 cystatin2 D63342 Sb03g037370 GRMZM2G438551 GRMZM2G012160 Os01g58890 Bradi2g52670
ptk1 5 GRMZM2G328785 protein kinase1 X52384 Sb09g008070 GRMZM2G328785 GR-8-109144442-109039681-1
rth3 5 GRMZM2G377215 roothair defective3 AY265855 Sb01g037850 GRMZM2G377215 GR-9-132178570-132217395-1 Os03g18910 Bradi1g64820
sam2 5 GRMZM2G154397 S-adenosyl methionine decarboxylase2 W99255 Sb06g021540 GRMZM2G154397 GRMZM2G125635 Os04g42090 Bradi5g14640
stk1 5 GRMZM2G165433 serine threonine kinase1 EF523347 Sb10g006630 GRMZM2G165433 GRMZM2G442215
tub3 5 GRMZM2G108766 beta tubulin3 X74654 Sb01g012740 GRMZM2G108766 GRMZM2G066191 Os03g45920 Bradi1g13090
vp14 5 GRMZM2G014392 viviparous14 U95953 Sb01g013520 GRMZM2G014392 GRMZM2G077930 Os03g44380 Bradi1g13760
wc1 5 GRMZM2G057243 white cap1 DQ100346 Sb01g047540 GR-1-9017495-8951807-1 GRMZM2G057243
zag5 5 GRMZM2G003514 zea agamous5 L46398 Sb04g031750 GRMZM2G160565 GRMZM2G003514 Os02g45770 Bradi3g51800
zmm7 5 GRMZM2G097059 Zea mays MADS7 Y09302 Sb02g029310 GRMZM2G097059 GRMZM2G129034 Os09g32948 Bradi4g34680
zmm8 5 GRMZM2G102161 Zea mays MADS8 Y09303 Sb01g042840 GRMZM2G099522 GRMZM2G102161 Os03g11614 Bradi1g69890
abp4 4 GRMZM2G064371 auxin binding protein homolog4 L08426 Sb08g016760 GRMZM2G064371-GRMZM2G078508 GRMZM2G116204 Os12g34450-Os12g34460 Bradi4g06030
arpp1a 4 GRMZM2G032315 acidic ribosomal protein P1a U62752 Sb07g001570 GRMZM2G032315 GRMZM2G157443 Os08g02340 Bradi3g13750
betl3 4 GRMZM2G175976 basal endosperm transfer layer3 AJ133530 Sb08g017360 GRMZM2G175976
cal1 4 GRMZM2G117582 calmodulin1 X74490 Sb09g024040 GRMZM2G117582 GRMZM2G004703 Os05g41210 Bradi2g21460
cap1 4 GRMZM2G056014 calcium pump1 AF096871 Sb09g001850 GR-6-21900565-21139159-0 GRMZM2G056014 Os05g02940 Bradi2g37570
ccp1 4 GRMZM2G098298 cysteine protease1 D45402 Sb04g017830 GRMZM2G098298 GR-4-224623884-224381613-1 Os02g27030 Bradi3g43290
cf1 4 GRMZM2G026117 camouflage1 BT042702 Sb04g004630-Sb04g004640 GRMZM2G026117 GRMZM2G041159 Os02g07230 Bradi3g05160
chn2 4 GRMZM2G145461 chitinase2 L00973 GRMZM2G064360 GRMZM2G145461-GRMZM2G145518 Os06g51050-Os06g51060 Bradi1g29880-Bradi1g29890
cka1 4 GRMZM2G143602 CK2 protein kinase alpha 1 X61387
cka2 4 GRMZM2G047855 CK2 protein kinase alpha 2 Y11526 GRMZM2G047855-GRMZM2G154799 Os03g55389 Br-1-5540939-5530925-0
cpn1 4 GRMZM2G458208-GRMZM2G111477 chaperonin 1 L21007
crs1 4 GRMZM2G078412 chloroplast RNA splicing1 AY109620 Sb07g015120 GRMZM2G078412 Os08g27150 Bradi3g21970
cta1 4 GRMZM2G051943 chitinase A1 M84164 GRMZM2G051921-GRMZM2G051943-GRMZM2G052175 Os04g41640 Bradi5g14420
cyc2 4 GRMZM2G057352 cyclin2 U10077 Sb03g010830 GRMZM2G057352 GR-8-3173872-3138095-0 Os01g16610 Br-2-8437947-8434909-0
cyc3 4 GRMZM2G073671 cyclin3 U10076 Sb10g030790 GR-5-62629282-62674991-1 GRMZM2G073671 Os06g51110 Bradi1g29830
cyp1 4 GRMZM2G549743 cytochrome P450 homolog1 T12664
eif5 4 GRMZM2G165917 eucaryotic translation initiation factor5 X99517 GRMZM2G165917 Os-2-2734452-2735884-0 Bradi3g03850
eif5a 4 GRMZM2G113696 elongation initiation factor5A H35879 Sb02g038290 GRMZM2G144030 GRMZM2G113696 Os07g40580 Bradi1g22670
elm1 4 GRMZM2G033323 elongated mesocotyl1 AY560384
esr2 4 GRMZM2G315601 embryo surrounding region2 AJ251320
fdx3 4 GRMZM2G053458 ferredoxin3 AB001387
grp3 4 GRMZM2G154954 glycine-rich protein3 Y07781 Sb01g020340 GRMZM2G029518 GRMZM2G154954 Os10g31500 Br-3-28920105-28983962-1
hsp70-4 4 GRMZM2G340251 heat shock protein70-4 X78414 Sb08g018750 GRMZM2G056039 GRMZM2G340251 Os12g38180 Bradi4g04220
ibp2 4 GRMZM2G110309 initiator-binding protein2 X79086 Sb01g039650 GRMZM2G110309 GRMZM2G063151 Os03g16700 Bradi1g66680
isr1 4 AF466202.2_FGT005 inhibitor of striate1 AF296824
lhcb7 4 GRMZM2G402936 light harvesting complex mesophyll7 X53398 GRMZM2G402936 GRMZM2G155216 Os-5-28136836-28132773-0 Bradi2g16260
lhcb9 4 GRMZM2G018627 light harvesting chlorophyll binding protein9 X68682
lkrsdh1 4 GRMZM2G181362 lysine-ketoglutarate reductase/saccharopine dehydrogenase1 AF271636 Sb04g035220 GRMZM2G181362 Os02g54254 Bradi3g60160
lox1 4 GRMZM2G156861 lipoxygenase1 DQ335760 Sb03g042440-Sb03g042450 GRMZM2G062056-GRMZM2G156861 GR-8-163256289-163232196-0
mbf1 4 GRMZM2G101480 multi-protein bridging factor homolog1 T14752
mta1 4 GRMZM2G090422 ribosomal protein T14712 Sb01g007690 GRMZM2G090422 GRMZM2G072315 Os03g54860-Os03g54890 Bradi1g08260
nbp1 4 GRMZM2G011129 nucleic acid binding protein1 M74566 Sb02g011330 GRMZM2G011129 GR-2-163501677-163498588-0 Os09g39180 Bradi4g38260
ocl4 4 GRMZM2G123140 outer cell layer4 AJ250986 Sb01g028160 GRMZM2G123140 Os10g42490 Bradi3g34410
ohp1 4 GRMZM2G016150 opaque2 heterodimerizing protein1 L00623 Sb01g005170 GRMZM2G016150-GRMZM2G019446 GRMZM2G007063 Os03g58250 Bradi1g05480
ohp2 4 GRMZM2G007063 opaque2 heterodimerizing protein2 L06478 Sb01g005170 GRMZM2G016150-GRMZM2G019446 GRMZM2G007063 Os03g58250 Bradi1g05480
pgl1 4 GRMZM2G418644 exopolygalacturonase1 X57627
pgl2 4 GRMZM2G320175 polygalacturonase2 X57628 GRMZM2G058033-GRMZM2G066675-GRMZM2G094811-GRMZM2G130401-GRMZM2G153262-GRMZM2G160526-GRMZM2G160626-GRMZM2G162384-GRMZM2G306693-GRMZM2G320175-GRMZM2G394259-GRMZM2G454497-GRMZM2G454608-GRMZM2G454629 Os06g40880 Br-1-31794597-31786989-1
pgl3 4 GRMZM2G418644 polygalacturonase3 X57743
pip1c 4 GRMZM2G392975 plasma membrane intrinsic protein1 AF326487 Sb04g032430 AC209208 GRMZM2G392975 Os02g44630 Bradi3g51390
pop1 4 GRMZM2G024823 organelle permease1 T18669 GRMZM2G024823 Os-10-22437730-22445264-1 Bradi3g34080
ppr5 4 GRMZM2G025409 pentatricopeptide repeat 5 EU037901 Sb04g027800 GR-5-206950652-206905139-0 GRMZM2G025409 Os02g51480 Bradi3g59120
prc1 4 GRMZM2G120047 proteasome C9 1 T14766
ra3 4 GRMZM2G014729 ramosa3 DQ436920 Sb02g039790-Sb02g039800-Sb02g039810-Sb02g039820 GRMZM2G014729-GRMZM2G048230 GRMZM2G117564 Os07g43160 Bradi1g21420
rnc1 4 GRMZM2G035820 ribonuclease III domain protein1 EU971053 Sb03g037610 GRMZM2G035820 GR-8-169944358-169928515-0 Os01g59510 Bradi2g52920
rop2 4 GRMZM2G702864 Rho-related protein from plants2 AY163379 Sb04g001690 AC234196 GRMZM2G702864
rpl44 4 GRMZM2G009412 ribosomal protein L44 AY109380 Sb02g034975 GRMZM2G009412 GRMZM2G125527 Os07g33860-Os07g33870-Os07g33880-Os07g33898-Os07g33921-Os07g33943-Os07g33970-Os07g33979-Os07g33997 Bradi1g26010
rtp1 4 GRMZM2G017557 Zea root preferential4 L14063 Sb05g007043 GRMZM2G017557 GR-2-216571452-216364645-0
sbe3 4 GRMZM2G073054 starch branching enzyme3 U65948 Sb06g015360 GRMZM2G073054 GR-10-113510044-113626691-1 Os04g33460 Bradi5g09170
sci1 4 GRMZM2G028393 subtilisin-chymotrypsin inhibitor homolog1 X69972 Sb09g001010-Sb09g001020-Sb09g001030-Sb09g001040-Sb09g001050-Sb09g001060 GRMZM2G000326-GRMZM2G096680 GRMZM2G028393-GRMZM2G028656-GRMZM2G042789 Os05g01920 Bradi2g39260-Bradi2g39270-Bradi2g39290
sdh1 4 GRMZM2G175423 sorbitol dehydrogenase homolog1 DQ191049 Sb07g025220 GRMZM2G175423-GRMZM2G473456 GR-4-200756569-200724548-0 Os08g43190 Bradi3g42030
stp1 4 GRMZM2G097768 sugar transport1 T12737
tif5A 4 GRMZM2G144030 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A AF034943 Sb02g038290 GRMZM2G144030 GRMZM2G113696 Os07g40580 Bradi1g22670
tm20 4 GRMZM2G036564 transmembrane protein20 X97570 Sb10g010810-Sb10g010820 GRMZM2G036564 Os06g19370 Bradi1g43260
ugp1 4 GRMZM2G032003 UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase1 T14797 Sb02g032250 GRMZM2G032003 GR-2-196027118-195036956-1 Os09g38030 Bradi4g37350
vpp1 4 GRMZM2G014240 vacuolar proton pump homolog1 AY103622 Sb09g004450 GRMZM2G014240 GRMZM2G148200 Os06g08080 Bradi1g47770
wip1 4 GRMZM2G156632 wound induced protein1 X71396 Sb03g007170-Sb03g007180 GR-3-22021853-22216108-0 GRMZM2G156632 Os01g04040-Os01g04050 Bradi2g02150
zag4 4 GRMZM2G074691 zea agamous4 L46399
zmm6 4 GRMZM2G159397 Zea mays MADS6 AJ430692 GRMZM2G159397 Os08g41950 Br-3-43206368-43218851-0
a4 3 GRMZM2G013726 anthocyaninless4 Y16040 Sb03g028880-Sb03g028890 GRMZM2G026930 GRMZM2G013726 Os01g44260 Bradi2g44480
adf1 3 GRMZM2G117603 actin depolymerizing factor1 X80820 Sb02g033380 GRMZM2G117603 GRMZM2G097122 Os07g30090 Bradi1g27720
ahh1 3 GRMZM2G015295 adenosyl homocysteine hydrolase1 AW424691 Sb05g014470 GRMZM2G015295 GR-2-217713758-218268572-0 Os11g26850 Bradi4g19460
akh1 3 GRMZM2G365423-GRMZM2G437977 aspartate kinase-homoserine dehydrogenase1 L33912 GRMZM2G365423 Os08g25390 Bradi3g22390
amyb5 3 GRMZM2G058310 beta amylase5 Z25871 GRMZM2G058310-GRMZM2G358467 GRMZM2G112296 Os07g35880 Br-1-20685090-20665939-1
ane1 3 GRMZM2G039942 androgenic embryo1 AJ011559
ane3 3 GRMZM2G372553 androgenic embryo3 AJ307880 Sb07g003415-Sb07g003420 GRMZM2G372553 GR-4-34066017-33926201-0
cal2 3 GRMZM2G067511 calmodulin2 X77397 GRMZM2G067511 Os01g16240 Bradi2g10010
cal3 3 GRMZM2G152891 calmodulin3 X77396
cesa1 3 GRMZM2G112336 cellulose synthase1 AF200525 Sb09g005280 GRMZM2G027723 GRMZM2G112336 Os05g08370 Bradi2g34240
cesa2 3 GRMZM2G027723 cellulose synthase2 AF200526 Sb09g005280 GRMZM2G027723 GRMZM2G112336 Os05g08370 Bradi2g34240
cesa3 3 GRMZM2G039454 cellulose synthase3 AF200527
cesa5 3 GRMZM2G111642 cellulose synthase5 AF200529 Sb01g004210 GRMZM2G111642-GRMZM2G111837 GR-5-3285063-3524855-0 Os03g59340 Bradi1g04600
cesa6 3 GRMZM2G113137 cellulose synthase6 AF200530 Sb01g002050 GRMZM2G113137 GR-5-1557805-1573228-1 Os03g62090 Bradi1g02510
cesa7 3 GRMZM2G025231 cellulose synthase7 AF200531
cesa8 3 GRMZM2G177631 cellulose synthase8 AF200532 Sb02g007810 GRMZM2G177631 GRMZM2G082580 Os07g14850 Bradi1g53210
cesa9 3 GRMZM2G018241 or GRMZM2G150404 cellulose synthase9 AF200533
chn3 3 GRMZM2G389582 chitinase3 L16798
cip1 3 GRMZM2G009443 cytokinin inducible protease1 T14785 Sb08g007750 GRMZM2G009443 GR-3-97024467-96972175-1 Os12g12850 Bradi4g39880
crr2 3 GRMZM2G392101 cytokinin response regulator2 AB031012 Sb06g032600 GRMZM2G040736 GRMZM2G392101 Os04g57720 Bradi5g25860
crt2 3 GRMZM2G358059 calreticulin2 X89813 Sb02g007480 GRMZM2G358059 GRMZM2G074687 Os07g14270 Br-1-51778141-51771074-1
cyp8 3 GRMZM2G167986 cytochrome P-450 8 L23209 Sb01g022690 GRMZM2G167986 GR-5-34610809-34938689-0 Os10g26340 Br-3-25978155-26644666-1
dbf3 3 GRMZM2G124037 DRE-binding protein3 AY964718 Sb02g030300-Sb02g030310-Sb02g030320-Sb02g030330-Sb02g030340 GRMZM2G069082-GRMZM2G069126-GRMZM2G069146 GRMZM2G124011-GRMZM2G124037 Os09g35020-Os09g35030 Bradi4g35570-Bradi4g35580-Bradi4g35590-Bradi4g35600-Bradi4g35610-Bradi4g35620-Bradi4g35630-Bradi4g35640-Bradi4g35650
dmt101 3 GRMZM2G333916 DNA methyl transferase1 AF229183 Sb02g004680 GRMZM2G333916-GRMZM2G334041 GR-2-230386168-230165662-1 Os07g08500 Bradi1g55290
elfg1 3 GRMZM2G122871 elongation factor gamma1 T14690 Sb10g022570 GRMZM2G059580 GRMZM2G122871 Os06g37440 Bradi1g37490
end1 3 GRMZM2G014705 early nodulin homolog1 T14667 Sb10g002820-Sb10g002830-Sb10g002850-Sb10g002860-Sb10g002880-Sb10g002890-Sb10g002900 GRMZM2G103443-GRMZM2G131421-GRMZM2G147399 GRMZM2G014705 Os06g04940-Os06g04950-Os06g04990-Os06g05000-Os06g05010-Os06g05020 Bradi1g51080-Bradi1g51090
expa1 3 GRMZM2G339122 alpha expansin1 AY104146 Sb03g038290 GRMZM2G339122 GR-8-169005102-168998202-1 Os01g60770 Bradi2g53580
fdx5 3 GRMZM2G122327 ferredoxin5 M73828 Sb07g000600-Sb07g000610-Sb07g000620 GRMZM2G048313-GRMZM2G122327-GRMZM2G122337 GRMZM2G043162 Os08g01380 Bradi3g13160-Bradi3g13170
fea2 3 GRMZM2G104925 fasciated ear2 AY055124 Sb04g025240 GR-5-181249547-181301589-1 GRMZM2G104925 Os02g39100 Bradi3g48060
hda108 3 GRMZM2G136067 histone deacetylase AF440226 Sb07g018230 GRMZM2G136067 Os08g25570 Bradi3g22370
his2a1 3 GRMZM2G305046 histone2A1 U08225 Sb01g039240-Sb01g039250 GR-1-42120047-42016134-1 GRMZM2G305046 Os03g17100 Bradi1g66360-Bradi1g66370
his2b1 3 GRMZM2G071959 histone2b1 X57312 Sb02g025410 GRMZM2G071959 GRMZM2G057852
his2b2 3 GRMZM2G119071 histone2b2 X57313 Sb07g022370 GRMZM2G401147 GRMZM2G119071
hsk1 3 AC185226.4_FG001 high-sulfur keratin homolog1 T14673 Sb04g029850 GRMZM2G096370 AC185226 Os02g48620 Bradi3g53420
hsp101 3 GRMZM2G360681 heat-shock protein 101 AF077337 Sb09g025900 GRMZM2G360681 GR-8-122790786-122848946-1 Os05g44340 Bradi2g19540
igl1 3 GRMZM2G402631 indole-3-glycerol phosphate lyase1 U82201 Sb08g022390-Sb08g022400-Sb08g022410-Sb08g022420-Sb08g022430-Sb08g022440-Sb08g022450-Sb08g022490 GRMZM2G006853-GRMZM2G136372-GRMZM2G402631 GR-3-105129497-104732724-1 Os12g43380-Os12g43390-Os12g43410-Os12g43430-Os12g43440 Br-4-650259-592087-0
kch2 3 AC234152.1_FG002 potassium channel2 AJ132686 Sb09g021150 GRMZM2G038019 AC234152 Os05g35380 Bradi2g24460
kch3 3 GRMZM2G081666 potassium channel3 AY461584 Sb04g008780 GRMZM2G178356 GRMZM2G081666 Os02g14840 Bradi3g09290
lpa1 3 GRMZM2G155242 low phytic acid1 AF323175 Sb01g044290 GRMZM2G155242 GRMZM2G004528 Os03g09250 Bradi1g71670
lpa2 3 GRMZM2G456626 low phytic acid2 AY172635 Sb01g028090 GRMZM2G456626 GR-5-43741851-43497342-1 Os10g42550 Bradi3g34350
mads1 3 GRMZM2G171365 MADS1 AF112148 GRMZM2G171365 Os03g03070 Br-1-73435059-73416360-0
meg1 3 GRMZM2G354335 maternally expressed gene1 AY536120
mir1 3 GRMZM2G150276 maize insect resistance1 AF019145 Sb10g027980-Sb10g027990-Sb10g028000-Sb10g028010 GRMZM2G150256-GRMZM2G150276
mrpa3 3 GRMZM2G400837 multidrug resistance-associated protein3 AY609318
myb2 3 AC203535.4_FG001 myb2 AF458962 Sb03g044460 AC203535 GRMZM2G433959 Os01g70120 Br-2-57059531-57081043-0
nnr2 3 GRMZM2G104898 nitrate reductase2 X64446 Sb04g024300 GRMZM2G104898 GRMZM2G428027 Os02g53130 Bradi3g57680
ocl1 3 GRMZM2G026643 outer cell layer1 Y17898 Sb03g008090 GRMZM2G026643 GR-8-9996842-9141215-0
p2 3 GRMZM2G057027 pericarp color2 AF210617 Sb01g037670-Sb01g037690-Sb01g037695 GRMZM2G057027-GRMZM2G064597-GRMZM2G335358-GRMZM2G417867 GRMZM2G022686 Os03g19120 Bradi1g64690
pcna1 3 GRMZM2G030523 proliferating cell nuclear antigen1 X79065 Sb04g036440 GRMZM2G030523 GRMZM2G108712 Os02g56130 Bradi3g54630
pdc2 3 GRMZM2G038821 pyruvate decarboxylase2 D14456 Sb03g005240 GRMZM2G038821 Os01g06660 Bradi2g03840
pdc3 3 GRMZM2G087186 pyruvate decarboxylase3 D14457
pdi1 3 GRMZM2G091481 protein disulfide isomerase1 AY739284 Sb05g006150 GRMZM2G091481 GRMZM2G163421 Os11g09280 Bradi4g23180
pgl4 3 GRMZM2G418644 exopolygalacturonase4 X57575
pgl8 3 GRMZM2G394259 exopolygalacturonase8 X64408 GRMZM2G058033-GRMZM2G066675-GRMZM2G094811-GRMZM2G130401-GRMZM2G153262-GRMZM2G160526-GRMZM2G160626-GRMZM2G162384-GRMZM2G306693-GRMZM2G320175-GRMZM2G394259-GRMZM2G454497-GRMZM2G454608-GRMZM2G454629 Os06g40880 Br-1-31794597-31786989-1
phot1 3 GRMZM2G001457 blue-light receptor phototropin 1 AF033263
phyB1 3 GRMZM2G124532 phytochromeB1 DQ307579 Sb01g037340 GRMZM2G124532 AC231485-GRMZM2G092174 Os03g19590 Bradi1g64360
piip1 3 GRMZM2G477685 physical impedance induced protein1 AF001634
pip1e 3 GRMZM2G081843 plasma membrane intrinsic protein1 AF326489 Sb04g037800 GR-5-215320322-215443705-0 GRMZM2G081843 Os02g57720 Bradi3g56020
pip1f 3 GRMZM2G136032 plasma membrane intrinsic protein1 AF326490 Sb10g007610 GRMZM2G136032
pip2b 3 GRMZM2G092125 plasma membrane intrinsic protein2 AF326492 Sb02g010760-Sb02g010780-Sb02g010790-Sb02g010800-Sb02g010810-Sb02g010830 GRMZM2G014914-GRMZM2G047368 GRMZM2G018649-GRMZM2G092125 Os07g26630-Os07g26640-Os07g26660-Os07g26690 Bradi1g28760-Bradi1g28780
pip2c 3 GRMZM2G081192 plasma membrane intrinsic protein2 AF326493 Sb04g026650 GRMZM2G154628 GRMZM2G081192 Os02g41860 Bradi3g49360
pip2d 3 GRMZM2G154628 plasma membrane intrinsic protein2 AF326494 Sb04g026650 GRMZM2G154628 GRMZM2G081192 Os02g41860 Bradi3g49360
pip2e 3 GRMZM2G014914 plasma membrane intrinsic protein2 AF326491 Sb02g010760-Sb02g010780-Sb02g010790-Sb02g010800-Sb02g010810-Sb02g010830 GRMZM2G014914-GRMZM2G047368 GRMZM2G018649-GRMZM2G092125 Os07g26630-Os07g26640-Os07g26660-Os07g26690 Bradi1g28760-Bradi1g28780
pip2f 3 GRMZM2G047368 plasma membrane intrinsic protein2 AF326495 Sb02g010760-Sb02g010780-Sb02g010790-Sb02g010800-Sb02g010810-Sb02g010830 GRMZM2G014914-GRMZM2G047368 GRMZM2G018649-GRMZM2G092125 Os07g26630-Os07g26640-Os07g26660-Os07g26690 Bradi1g28760-Bradi1g28780
pk4 3 GRMZM2G014833 protein kinase4 AF141378 Sb03g035225 GRMZM2G014833 GRMZM2G136410 Os01g55440-Os01g55450 Bradi2g50430-Bradi2g50440
pki1 3 GRMZM2G018728 protein kinase inhibitor1 Z29643 Sb01g036830 GRMZM2G018728 GR-9-129322945-129322162-0 Os03g20630 Bradi1g63860
pmg1 3 GRMZM2G009607 phosphoglycerate mutase1 Z33612 Sb03g038020 GRMZM2G003385 GRMZM2G009607 Os01g60190 Bradi2g53340
prf1 3 GRMZM2G074361 profilin homolog1 X73279 Sb09g026120 GRMZM2G074361 GRMZM2G109842 Os-5-26011420-25973061-1 Bradi2g19360
qm1 3 GRMZM2G087233 QM1 homolog1 U06108 Sb01g015470 GRMZM2G027451 GRMZM2G087233
rbap1 3 GRMZM2G137965 WD-repeat protein RBAP1 AF250047 Sb03g032630 GRMZM2G137965 GRMZM2G316113 Os01g51300 Bradi2g47940
ris2 3 GRMZM2G162748 iron-sulfur protein2 W49887 GRMZM2G162748 GRMZM2G038365 Os02g15560 Br-3-7674556-7676735-1
rpl17 3 GRMZM2G702426 ribosomal protein L17 AF034948 Sb07g026305 GRMZM2G148744 GRMZM2G702426 Os08g41810 Bradi3g41150
rpot1 3 GRMZM2G381395 RNA polymerase T phage-like 1 AF127021 Sb02g039520 GRMZM2G381395 GR-2-208762095-208886103-0
rps11 3 GRMZM2G019325 ribosomal protein S11 X55967 Sb06g028330 GRMZM2G044800 GRMZM2G019325 Os04g52354-Os04g52361 Bradi5g21630
rps4 3 GRMZM2G035017 ribosomal protein S4 AF015522 Sb01g001850 GRMZM2G035017 GRMZM2G125271
sar1 3 GRMZM2G038356 SAR homolog1 T14655 Sb03g013550 GRMZM2G038356 GRMZM2G086636 Os01g23620 Bradi2g12510
spp1 3 GRMZM2G055489 sucrose-phosphatase1 AF283564
sps1 3 GRMZM2G013166 sucrose phosphate synthase1 M97550 Sb03g043900 GRMZM2G140107 GRMZM2G013166 Os01g69030 Bradi2g58860
ss1 3 GRMZM2G129451 starch synthase I AF036891 Sb10g004160 GRMZM2G129451 GR-6-75944511-76085287-1 Os06g06560 Bradi1g48610
taf1 3 GRMZM2G002276 transcription associated factor1 T12672 Sb03g039720 GRMZM2G002276 GRMZM2G149230 Os01g62820 Bradi2g54860
tif1 3 GRMZM2G174942 translation initiation factor1 AF034944 GRMZM2G174942 Os07g34589 Br-1-20956074-20939995-0
tlk2 3 GRMZM2G172132 tousled-like protein kinase2 AF012889 Sb01g008020 GRMZM2G016671 GRMZM2G172132 Os03g53880 Bradi1g08540
trh1 3 GRMZM2G424053 thioredoxin h homolog1 T15273 Sb09g024960 GRMZM2G424053 GR-8-121085723-121052802-1 Os-5-25081106-25080241-0 Bradi2g20440
uce1 3 GRMZM2G018447 ubiquitin conjugating enzyme1 T18767 Sb08g022990 GRMZM2G007381 GRMZM2G018447 Os12g44000 Bradi4g00660
vacs1 3 GRMZM2G067546 vacuolar sorting receptor homolog1 AY105262 Sb01g036170 GR-1-56172618-55678120-0 GRMZM2G067546 Os03g21720 Bradi1g63210
yab10 3 GRMZM2G167824 yabby homolog10 AY313904 Sb01g017560 GRMZM2G167824 GRMZM2G074543 Os10g36420 Bradi3g30410
ypt1 3 GRMZM2G086971 ypt homolog1 X63277
zfl1 3 GRMZM2G098813 zea floricaula/leafy1 AY179882 Sb06g027340 GRMZM2G180190 GRMZM2G098813 Os04g51000 Bradi5g20340
zmm24 3 GRMZM2G351368-GRMZM2G087095 Zea mays MADS24 AJ430638 Sb01g007780-Sb01g007790 GRMZM2G087095 GRMZM2G120227
znf1 3 GRMZM2G099034 zinc finger protein1 W99253 Sb10g024060 GRMZM2G099034 GR-6-99008773-98822416-1 Os06g41010 Bradi1g36050
brk1 2 GRMZM2G133919 brick1 AY093614 Sb04g038305 GRMZM2G133919 GR-4-168097572-167923913-1 Os02g58330 Bradi3g60540
cdj2 2 GRMZM2G364069 chaperone DNA J2 AF053468
csy1 2 GRMZM2G352084 chloroplast SecY-1 AF039304 Sb07g007870 GRMZM2G352084 GR-4-79160910-79357999-1 Os08g15460 Bradi3g19100
dcd1 2 GRMZM2G083459 discordia1 FJ469780 Sb09g003830 GRMZM2G083459 GR-8-125528065-125625701-0 Os05g05710 Bradi2g35810
ea1 2 GRMZM2G456746 egg apparatus1 AY733074 Sb02g038820 GRMZM2G456746 GR-2-207381370-207377378-1 Os-7-24803859-24792189-0 Bradi1g21960
eif2 2 GRMZM2G150380 elongation initiation factor2 T18419.1
gol1 2 GRMZM2G080079 goliath1 T18797.1 Sb04g028130 GRMZM2G080079 Os02g50990 Bradi3g59500
hir1 2 GRMZM2G117755 hypersensitive induced reaction1 AF236373 Sb07g019760 GR-1-216345162-216433905-0 AC217679-GRMZM2G117755 Os08g30790 Bradi3g35370
hopi1 2 AF466202.2_FGT004 hopi r1/b1 family member1 AJ251719
hsbp1 2 GRMZM2G085924 herbicide safener binding protein1 AF033496
incw3 2 GRMZM2G123633 invertase cell wall3 AF043346 GRMZM2G095725-GRMZM2G123633 Os-4-20224534-20234783-0 Bradi5g09420
lem1 2 AC234157.1_FGT002 lethal embryo mutant1 AF332374
lyce1 2 GRMZM2G012966 lycopene epsilon cyclase1 EU924262 AC184699 GRMZM2G012966-GRMZM2G318121 Os01g39960 Bradi2g41890
mez1 2 GRMZM2G157820 enhancer of zeste1 AF443596
ms26 2 GRMZM2G091822 male sterile26 AF366297
msh1 2 GRMZM2G036217 male sterile protein homolog1 T15324.1 GRMZM2G319345 GRMZM2G036217
mwp1 2 GRMZM2G082264 milkweed pod1 EU925398 Sb02g024110 GRMZM2G082264 GR-2-175999160-176156874-1 Os09g23200 Bradi4g29700
ocl2 2 AC235534.1_FG007 outer cell layer2 AJ250984 AC235534 Os04g48060 Bradi5g18710
ocl3 2 GRMZM2G116658 outer cell layer3 AJ250985 Sb02g030470 GRMZM2G116658 GR-4-200773076-200866318-1 Os09g35760 Bradi4g35760
ocl5a 2 GRMZM2G130442 outer cell layer5a AJ250987 Sb07g005180 GRMZM2G118063 GRMZM2G130442 Os08g08820 Bradi3g15330
pac1 2 GRMZM2G058292 pale aleurone color1 AY115485 Sb04g031730 GRMZM2G058292 GR-4-155526310-155327940-1 Os02g45810 Bradi3g51820
phyB2 2 GRMZM2G092174 phytochromeB2 AY234828 Sb01g037340 GRMZM2G124532 AC231485-GRMZM2G092174 Os03g19590 Bradi1g64360
rmr1 2 GRMZM2G154946 required to maintain repression1 EU155001 Sb09g019410 GRMZM2G154946 GR-8-112712752-113085102-0 Os05g32610 Bradi2g26500
scm1 2 138100255 self-colored marbled1 AF135458
sgo1 2 GRMZM2G074082 shugoshin centromeric cohesion1 AY964185 Sb02g006220 GRMZM2G074082 GR-2-158409537-158288475-0
vp15 2 GRMZM2G121468 viviparous15 DQ273133 Sb04g022920 GRMZM2G121468-GRMZM2G421883 GR-4-117510920-117707299-0 Os02g35200 Bradi3g45980
why1 2 GRMZM2G155662 whirly1 EU595664 Sb10g003170 GR-9-20039529-19851578-1 GRMZM2G155662 Os06g05350 Bradi1g51040
wtf1 2 GRMZM2G403797 what's this factor?1 FJ264201 Sb09g029040 GR-6-165499809-165592087-0 GRMZM2G403797 Os05g49610 Bradi2g15890
xyl1 2 GRMZM2G170839 xylanase1 AF063865
yab14 2 GRMZM2G005353 yabby14 AY313901 Sb06g023770 GRMZM2G054795 GRMZM2G005353 Os04g45330 Bradi5g16910
yab15 2 GRMZM2G079293 yabby15 AY313902 Sb04g033590 GRMZM2G079293 GR-4-147740777-147551988-1 Os02g42950 Bradi3g50050
yab9 2 GRMZM2G074543 yabby9 AY313903 Sb01g017560 GRMZM2G167824 GRMZM2G074543 Os10g36420 Bradi3g30410
add1 1 GRMZM2G120178-GRMZM2G050800 alternative discordia1 FJ469779
apt1 1 GRMZM2G448687 aberrant pollen transmission1 DQ020097 Sb01g035230 GR-1-60926894-60331003-0 GRMZM2G448687 Os03g23030 Bradi1g62280
conz1 1 GRMZM2G405368 constans1 EU098139 Sb10g010050 GRMZM2G405368 GR-6-118927450-118990547-0 Os06g16370 Bradi1g43670
dgat1 1 GRMZM2G169089 diacyglycerol acyltransferase1 EU039830
dwf1 1 GRMZM2G057000 DWF1 like1 AY523572 Sb10g031090 GRMZM2G057000 GR-6-80855797-80812533-1 Os-6-31082206-31076483-0 Bradi1g29520
emp4 1 GRMZM2G092198 empty pericarp4 DQ291135 Sb01g009420 GRMZM2G092198 GR-5-9137887-9141466-1 Os03g51840 Bradi1g09990
hcf106c 1 GRMZM2G151529 high chlorophyll fluorescence106c AF237945 Sb06g014410 GRMZM2G171887 GRMZM2G151529
kan1 1 GRMZM2G056400 KANADI1 EU935003 Sb07g020820 GRMZM2G056400 GRMZM2G175827 Os08g33050 Bradi3g36260
kan3 1 GRMZM2G175827 kanadi3 EU925399 Sb07g020820 GRMZM2G056400 GRMZM2G175827 Os08g33050 Bradi3g36260
kip1 1 GRMZM2G163761 knotted interacting protein1 AY082396 Sb01g011960 GRMZM2G163761 GR-5-13571025-13583032-0 Os03g52239 Bradi1g09620
lec1 1 GRMZM2G011789 leafy cotyledon AF410176 Sb04g029350 GRMZM2G011789 GRMZM2G124663 Os02g49370 Bradi3g56400
phyC1 1 GRMZM2G057935 phytochromeC1 AY234829 Sb01g007850 GRMZM2G057935 GRMZM2G129889 Os03g54084 Bradi1g08400
phyC2 1 GRMZM2G129889 phytochromeC2 AY234830 Sb01g007850 GRMZM2G057935 GRMZM2G129889 Os03g54084 Bradi1g08400
spi1 1 GRMZM2G025222 sparse inflorescence1 EU910940
yy1 1 GRMZM2G140016 yin-yang1 AF142322