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GenomeList is CoGe's tools for managing a list of genomes. It displays an overview of the genomic content for each genome, including links to extract additional information such as an overview of the genomic features a genome contains, codon and amino acid usage charts, and histograms of GC content in CDS genomic features. Genomes may be selected to be sent to additional tools in CoGe for downstream analyses, extraction of information, and export of information.

Note: at the top of the list is a CoGe TinyURL that may be used to regenerate the genome list.

Here is an example genome list using using a TinyURL created by GenomeList:

How to set up a GenomeList:

  • Find the genome of interest using OrganismView
  • Find the Genome Information tab on the right side of the page
  • Find the 'Add to GenomeList' button on list