How to get a CoGe account

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CyVerse's authentication system login page
Selecting CoGe as a service from CyVerse's user portal

CoGe is federated with CyVerse's Authentication Service. This means that in order to login to CoGe you need a CyVerse account. Once you log into CoGe, you can:

  • Load genomes and keep them private
  • Load experiments (functional and diversity data sets for genomes) and keep them private
  • Create user groups
  • Share private genomes and experiments with other users
  • Have private genomes and experiments shared with you
  • Track all your previously run analyses
  • Create notebooks to organize data and analyses

Most of CoGe's analytical tools, such as SynMap and GEvo, do not require a login to use public data.

To get an account activated on CoGe, follow these steps:

  1. Register for a CyVerse Account:
  2. Activate your CoGe Account:
    1. Go to CoGe:
    2. Press the "Sign-in" link located in the upper right corner of any CoGe Page
    3. Authenticate (enter your username and password) at CyVerse
    4. You should be returned to CoGe and now logged in.
  3. Done!


  • You need to log into CoGe in order for your account with CoGe to be activated.
  • If you want or should have access to a restricted genome, contact the owner of the genome or email CoGe Support.
  • To upload from/export to the CyVerse Data Store, you'll need to go to the CyVerse user portal ( and request access to CoGe. This will create a special directory in your data store called "coge_data" to which CoGe will have access to read and write file.