How to load a private genome into CoGe?

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Quick Guide

  1. Register your CoGe account:
    1. How to get a CoGe account
  2. Upload Fasta and GFF (if available) files to iPlant Data Store
    1. Quick Start Guide:
    2. Use Davis to generate a quick-share link to let others download the data
  3. Email Eric Lyons ([1]) the following information
    1. Real Name
    2. iPlant user name
    3. Quick-share links to genome data files
    4. Organism name
      1. Aquilegia coerulea (columbine)
    5. Organism NCBI taxonomic description
      1. Eukaryota;Viridiplantae;Streptophyta;Streptophytina;Embryophyta;Tracheophyta;Euphyllophyta;Spermatophyta;Magnoliophyta;eudicotyledons;stem eudicotyledons;Ranunculales;Ranunculaceae;Aquilegia;
    6. Name of data source:
      1. JCVI
      2. Dr. Lyons Lab
    7. Description of data source:
      1. J Craig Venture Institute
      2. University of Arizona
    8. Version of genome
    9. Link to information about the genome