Local Gene Duplication

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Large tandem duplicate gene array of tRNAs from chromosome 1 of Arabidopsis thaliana. This array consists of 27 repeating units of tRNAs, with each unit consisting of three tRNAs that code for a Serine, Tryosine, Tryosine (5'->3'). Region can be visualized at http://synteny.cnr.berkeley.edu/CoGe/GenomeView.pl?z=5&x=21300000&dsgid=7043&chr=1&dsid=40504&gstid=1

Local gene duplication (aka tandem gene duplications) is the process by which a gene gets an additional genomic copy of itself that is located proximal. While the exact mechanism that creates the initial local duplicate is not known, once a double exists, it sets the stage for additional local duplicates to be created through nonhomologous recombination or unequal crossing-over.