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MotifView bug log


Get Motif Info button misfunctioning

Mike Freeling


I put the above URL into the merge box. It gave me 4 empty sequence boxes followed by the expected sequence boxes. These boxes had the correct left sequence, but the right sequence was the same as the left sequence, for example 5689 and 5689 instead of the original 5689 and 7153. The database chosen was correct. Boxes originally marked reverse complement were no longer marked reverse complement.

I fixed the above errors and chose all of the salt stress motifs, since the Arabidopsis genes are induced by salt. I got a result pretty quickly, but wanted to see if any motifs aligned with my two deep CNSs. In the results parameters I checked off CNS and restrict motif (a great idea, by the way). See Page 2. The subsequent analysis was very slow (and I never got a result). Perhaps I had too many gevo panels going (7).

I redid it and checked view CNSs (but did not check restrict motifs) and I did see the annotated CNSs, but did not see HSPs. Also, hitting "clear all analysis" resulted in the sequences loaded disappearing.

Diane Burgess