Nelumbo v. Vitis

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Syntenic dotplot of Nelumbo megascaffolds (x-axis) v. Vitus (y-axis). Note the 2xNelumbo to 3xVitus syntenic relationship. Results may be regenerated:
GEvo high resolution analysis of syntenic regions of Nelumbo nucifera (Nn) and Vitis vinifera (Vv). There are two and three syntenic regions respectively. Colored boxes and lines connect regions of sequence similarity for protein coding sequences. Note their collinear arrangement which is used to infer synteny and that all the regions are differentially fractionated with respect to one another which is evidence for independent polyploidy events (tetraploidy in the case of Nn and hexaploidy in the case of Vv. Results may be regenerated at Detailed explanation of the figure graphics and how to use GEvo are found at
Syntenic dotplot of Nelumbo v. Vitis. Note the 2xNelumbo to 3xVitis syntenic relationship. Syntenic gene pairs colored by Ks values (all are approximately the same). Evidence that duplications are independent of one another. Results may be regenerated:

Syntenic dotplot of Nelumbo v.Vitis. Results can be regenerated: