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SSWAP: Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol

The SSWAP project is located:

SSWAP aims to make web-services semantically aware of one another. This is achieved in a two step process:

  1. Marking up tools that "advertise" what data they consume, the manipulations/analyses they perform, and the analytical results/data they emit.
  2. Marking up data and sending it to a semantic web orchestrator that can find web-services that may operate on said data.

In collaboration with Damian Gessler (, the SSWAP project lead, CoGe is becoming sematically aware.

The first step was marking up FASTA data produced by FastaView and sending them to the SSWAP orchestrator .

This was accomplished by:

Creating an appropriate JSON object string containing the sequence data and appropriate tags:

var myseq = $('#seq_text').val();
var jsonRRG= {
   "prefix": {
       "data": "",
       "mime": "",
       "seq": ""
   "": {},
   "mapping": {"_:subject" : "_:object"},
   "definitions" : {
   		      "_:subject" : {},
		      "_:object" : {
		      		     "rdf:type" : "seq:FASTA",
				     "data:literalData" : myseq
var jsonString = JSON.stringify(jsonRRG);

And then sending it to (Presented using jquery and causes sswap.iplantc to open in a different window/tab)

var url = "";
var myForm = document.createElement("FORM");
myForm.method="post" ;
myForm.setAttribute("target", "_blank");
var myInput = document.createElement("textarea");"rrg";