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CoGe System Support, 2013

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CoGe is a comparative genomics system funded by Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and is provided as a public research toolbox. Use is without charge. CoGe is a collaboration with the Lyons Lab at the University of Arizona, the Freeling Lab at UC Berkeley, and the iPlant Collaborative. NSF has supported CoGe in the past. Additional tools and data are provided by volunteer contributors.

We greatly value our users' experience with CoGe. Through user feedback, CoGe continues to improve. The ongoing communication between CoGe staff and users constitutes collaboration, not consultation. Bugs are fixed and tools that are easy to enable are added without charge. However, we do seek long-term collaborations that enable us to fund longer term develops on CoGe.

Please read our data usage policy.

1) Public Data: We will continue to upload and maintain any genome database that is available to the public free of charge. We consider this part of our public service and are happy to accommodate. Please see this page for information we need to add a genome to CoGe. While the actual processing of data takes a few minutes to an hour, sometimes customization is needed in order to transform GFF3 or other gene model/annotation files for input into CoGe. Also, these activities usually take place after regular work hours. Thus, it may take a couple of days for your genome to be added. However, we will let you know that we have received your request and our progress.

2) Private Data: Such data are supported by CoGe and are kept private from the general public. For adding private genomes, please see: How to add a private genome to CoGe?. The CoGe team understands the necessity of keeping genomes private until publication, and are willing to participate in collaborations in order to leverage the thousands of genomes and dozens of comparative genomics tools available in CoGe.

For all other inquires, please begin your discussions with the CoGe Team.

CoGe website:

Lyons lab website:

Freeling lab website:

The iPlant Collaborative: