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# Create loading animations
# Create loading animations
# Add application settings
# Add application settings
# Add ability to edit workflows
== Ideas ==
== Ideas ==

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Notes on User Profile page


  1. Fix icon pictures (re-upload)
  2. When editing work in workflow, on save / close, open in view?
  3. Warn on deleting work?
  4. When warning on incomplete workflow creation, if info loaded into entry, reload with that data already in it
  5. On work / workflow creation, warn on creating entity with redundant name
  6. Workflow work entry, make sure that not only is max-size fixed, make header and content fixed size always


  1. Prettify profile info screen
  2. Workflow Table
    1. Limit Table Width
    2. Limit sizes of cells, like description
      1. If exceeds length, do a ... and truncate
    3. Add click on name / row to open view of work
    4. Paginate table
  3. Add ability to add new work from profile
    1. Add ability to add work not in CoGe (external link)
  4. Create loading animations
  5. Add application settings
  6. Add ability to edit workflows