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Auto-updating IP Address

Since the Atmosphere Virtual Machines change IP Address every time they are suspended and resumed, a script is required to automatically update the IP Address in the coge.conf file.

First, create the directory in which this script will reside

sudo mkdir /etc/atmo
sudo mkdir /etc/atmo/post-scripts.d
cd /etc/atmo/post-scripts.d

Then create a file

sudo nano IPsetup

Paste the following into the contents of IPsetup

HNAME=$(hostname -i)
sed -i "s/^SERVER.*/SERVER     http:\/\/$HNAME\//g" /opt/coge/web/coge.conf

Make sure to edit /opt/coge/web/coge.conf to point to the correct path for coge.conf

If for some reason the script does not function correctly, the SERVER line of coge.conf will need to be edited to read

SERVER     http://{your IP address}/

where {your IP address} is the IP Address listed under the instance on the Atmosphere instance page.