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Syntenic relationship between Amborella and Aquilegia has a 1:2 relationship

SynMap syntenic dotplot between Amborella (x-axis) v Aquilegia (y-axis). Results may be regenerated at

Gevo analysis of 1 Amborella x 2 Aquilegia x 3 x Grape. While difficult to see, Aquilegia are the top two panels, then Amborella, then 4 grape panels (one syntenic grape region is split across two different regions).  The results show differential fraction of gene content in Aquilegia v. Grape when both are compared to Amborella.  This is evidence that the polyploidy events are independent in the two lineages, with Amborella have a tetrplaoidy and grape having a hexaploidy.  Results may be regenerated at: