Columbine's whole genome duplication

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Monocot and eudicot phylogeny marking the evolutionary placement of the eudicot paleohexaploidy.
Syntenic dotplot using SynMap of peach (y-axis) versus columbine (x-axis). Syntenic gene pairs have been colored according to their synonymous mutation rates, and no difference in colors of syntenic regions is discernible. Also, note that each region of columbine is syntenic to three regions of peach. Results may be regenerated at

[[File:Master 10706 10706.CDS-CDS.lastz.dag.all.go D20 g10 A5.aligncoords.gcoords|thumb|right|500px|Sytnenic dotplot of Aquilegia v. Aquilegia. Syntenic gene pairs colored by Ks values. Results may be regenerated at: