Creosote Assembly

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Creosote genome sequencing and assembly notes:

  • Sample obtained from front yard of 4951 W. McElroy Dr.
  • Sequences obtained from one lane of Illumina HiSeq2000
  • Fastq files delivered from UAGC
    • 82 files
    • Headers are Sanger format (code 33)
    • Pairend reads
      • lane3_NoIndex_L003_R1_041.fastq
      • lane3_NoIndex_L003_R2_041.fastq
    • Need to get adapter sequences used in sequencing
      • TGACCA (Not present in sequence reads)
  • Check quality with fastqc:


  • Merge R1 files; merge R2 files
  • gzip them

Convert sequence formats (I haven't tried this yet)

Haibao Tang 8/5/11 11:09 AM 
on the conversion, i found an alternative:
zcat R1_all.fastq.gz | seqret fastq-sanger::stdin fastq-illumina::stdout | gzip > R1_converted.fastq.gz
install emboss
just tested, takes 20-30 minutes on R1_all

Trim sequences

  • Get this package of Haibaos:
  • Run this: python -m jcvi.apps.baseclean trim R1.fastq.gz R2.fastq.gz
    • Automatically trims and cleans sequences, also does the conversion to appropriate fastq format
    • NOTE: This program should download trimmomatic, but may need to update the path of the timmomatic program in the program
  • If the Trimmer script fails for silly reasons, you can run it from the command-line:
java -Xmx4g -cp Trimmomatic-0.13/trimmomatic-0.13.jar org.usadellab.trimmomatic.TrimmomaticPE lane3_NoIndex_L003_R1_001.b64.fastq.gz lane3_NoIndex_L003_R2_001.b64.fastq.gz lane3_NoIndex_L003_R1_001.pairs.fastq.gz lane3_NoIndex_L003_R1_001.frags.fastq.gz lane3_NoIndex_L003_R2_001.pairs.fastq.gz lane3_NoIndex_L003_R2_001.frags.fastq.gz ILLUMINACLIP:adapters.fasta:2:40:15 LEADING:3 TRAILING:3 SLIDINGWINDOW:4:15 MINLEN:36

Genome Assembly

  • Note: Bao recommends CLC for genome assembly. Runs faster, less memory, less sensitive to bad data. Compute intensive. THIS IS COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE

Running SOAPdenovo

SOAPdenovo31mer all -s ../../soap.config.eric -o SoapAssem -K 25 -p 16 -R -d -D -F
    • Note: if SOAP crashes, try another XXmer binary (e.g. 63mer)

Running Velvet

    • Need to interleave reads:
#test run
~/src/velvet_1.1.04/ lane3_NoIndex_L003_R1_001.pairs.fastq lane3_NoIndex_L003_R2_001.pairs.fastq merged_pairs.fastq

#full data with modified shuffleSequences script that handles gzip files
~/src/velvet_1.1.04/ R1_all.pairs.fastq.gz R2_all.pairs.fastq.gz merged_pairs.fastq.gz
    • set threading of velvet with env var
    • running velveth
OMP_NUM_THREADS=32 velveth VelvetAssem 31 -shortPaired -fastq.gz merged_pairs.fastq.gz -short -fastq.gz lane3_NoIndex_L003_R1_001.frags.fastq.gz -short -fastq.gz lane3_NoIndex_L003_R2_001.frags.fastq.gz 
OMP_NUM_THREADS=32 velvetg VelvetAssem -scaffolding yes -exp_cov auto -cov_cutoff auto -min_contig_lgth 200 -ins_length 150
 OMP_NUM_THREADS=32 velveth VelvetAssem 31 -shortPaired -fastq.gz merged_pairs.fastq.gz -short -fastq.gz R1_all.frags.fastq.gz -short -fastq.gz R2_all.frags.fastq.gz

Other Stuff Trimming reads

Cleaning Single Reads:

>Adapter 4
>Adapter 4 rc
    • Command-line run:
Running /home/elyons/bin/trimReads  -Q 33 -f /home/elyons/projects/genome/data/creosote/Sample_lane3/adapter/adapter.faa ./lane3_NoIndex_L003_R2_015.fastq

Converting sequences

  • python -m jcvi.formats.fastq convert (read help file, default conversion Sanger (code 33) to Illumina (code 64)

Other programs to clean sequences

  • python -m jcvi.apps.baseclean trim fastqfile (single ended)
  • python -m jcvi.apps.baseclean trim R1.fastq.gz R2.fastq.gz (paired ended)

keep sequences in single files (or two files for a pair of reads)

  • Cat all the R1s together
  • Cat all the R2s together

Assembly using ABySS

By James S

ABySS requires paired end reads be marked in the names with "A" "B" or "1" "2" or "F" "R". The current read files didn't have this information, so I added an "A" to the end of every name in R1_all.pairs.fastq.gz using a perl one liner, and a "B" to the end of every name in R2_all.pairs.fastq.gz

Since this is paired end data I used the ABySS pair-end driver script 'abyss-pe'


  • First attempt: abyss-pe k=55 n=10 -j2 name=creosote in="R1_all.pairs.fastq.gz R2_all.pairs.fastq.gz" se="merged_pairs.fastq.gz R1_all.frags.fastq.gz R2_all_frags.fastq.gz" <-- ABySS dies because the sequences in merged_pairs are not always the same length as the quality score strings
Note by Eric:  merged_pairs.fastq.gz is the merge of R1_all.pairs and R2_all.pairs.  This merged file was required by velvet.
  • Second attempt (no single end data and added "A" and "B" to paired end reads): abyss-pe -j2 k=55 n=10 name=creosote in="R1_all_pairsA.fastq R2_all_pairsB.fastq"
  • Third attempt (trying for longer contigs): abyss-pe -j2 k=64 n=5 name=creosote90 in="R1_all_pairsA.fastq R2_all_pairsB.fastq"