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We do our best to keep you in control of your data and have designed CoGe to be secure. However, we make no guarantees . If you add private data to CoGe, please note that we are not liable if there is any data breach or if anything you deem as "bad" happens because your data is in CoGe. Please note that the admins of the system respect your data privacy and we will not willfully or purposely compromise your data.

We make no claims as to the validity or accuracy of any data in CoGe.

In the event of any disagreement regarding data in CoGe that did not come from a publicly available web resource (e.g. NCBI, JGI, Broad, JCVI, Sanger, Ensemble, etc. etc. etc.), we will temporarily revoke access to the data until the dispute is resolved to our satisfaction.

If you have any questions regarding our data policy, please contact us at