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Editor view of an experiment with additional annotation information
Popup box for adding an annotation to an experiment

ExperimentView lets you view, modify, and add information about an experiment in CoGe, provided that you have the appropriate permission.

You can edit the experiment

  • Name
  • Description
  • Source (from where the data came)
  • Version

You can add

  • Tags to the experiment, such as "transcriptome", "BS-seq", etc
  • Additional metadata, which may consist of:
    • Text based description (the annotation)
    • Link to website (e.g. publication)
    • Type (what type of annotation is this for organization purposes)
    • Type Group (for a higher level of organization of types)
    • Image (upload a PNG/JPG)

Downloading or Exporting an Experiment

All data for an experiment can be downloaded to your local computer or exported to the iPlant Data Store.

Users can download or export an experiment to the iPlant Data Store