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The experiment metadata file is a tab-separated file ending in .txt that contains a header line followed by a metadata line for each experiment. There are some required columns and free-form optional columns.

Required Columns (in order as below):

  • Filename: the name of the file containing the experiment's data
    • supported file types: .csv, .bam, .bed, .gff, .vcf ... see LoadExperiment for more info
  • Name: the name of the experiment

Optional Columns (in any order):

  • Description: a description of the experiment
  • Source: the source of the data file (i.e., JGI)
  • Version: the version number
  • Restricted: restrict the data from public access ("yes" or "no", default is no)
  • Add your own

Note: adding "_link" to the end of the field name denotes a link for another column (i.e., columns "citation" and "citation_link")

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 2.53.15 PM.png

Looks like this: http://genomevolution.org/CoGe/ExperimentView.pl?eid=193