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GenomeView is the EPIC-CoGe genome browser that allows users to navigate genome sequence, annotation, and associated data tracks (quantitative measurements, SNPs, alignments).

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More information, including video tutorials, can be found at EPIC-CoGe.


Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 9.17.40 AM.png

Panning left-right

There are several ways to move along a genomic region:

  • Click on the track and drag with mouse
  • Use the left/right arrows located on the left of the viewer
  • Click a location in the macro or micro coordinate bars at the top of the viewer.
  • Enter a chromosome/start/end location in the location input bar at the top of the viewer.

Zooming in and out

You can zoom into and out of a genomic region by:

  • Click the (+) and (-) magnifying glass icons at the top of the viewer.
  • Double-clicking on a region will zoom in one level

Selecting Tracks

Use the track selector menu on the right of the viewer to add or remove tracks to the current view.

What do the colors and glyphs mean

See this page: GenomeView examples