Phaseolus vulgaris v. Glycine max

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Syntenic dotplot between Phaseolus and Glycine with syntenic gene pairs colored by synonymous mutation values:

Screen shot 2012-08-23 at 8.41.55 AM.png

Ks histogram of syntenic gene pairs:

Master 1611 19521.CDS-CDS.last.dag.all.go D20 g10 A5.aligncoords.gcoords


There clearly exists several populations of syntenic gene pairs. An orthologous set (dark blue lines) that are represented in two copies in Glycine (indicative a whole genome duplication event in that lineage subsequent to the divergence of these lineages); an out-paralogous set (purple) derived from a shared whole genome duplication event in their lineage, and an older out-paralogous set (light blue) that is likely from the eudicot paleohexaploidy event.

Results may be regenerated: