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A list of known plant genome publications. This list was last updated November 8th 2011. For details on all known currently available plant genome assemblies, see Sequenced plant genomes.

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Common Name Scientific Name Publication Year Day Citations[1] Link
Potato Solanum tuberosum Nature 2011 July 14th 1
Grape Vitis vinifera Nature 2007 September 27th 542
Cucumber Cucumis sativus Nature Genetics 2009 November 1st 119
Poplar Populus trichocarpa Science 2006 September 15th 1156
Strawberry Fragaria vesca Nature Genetics 2010 December 26th 22
Castor Bean Ricinus communis Nature Biotechnology 2010 August 22nd 26
Apple Malus × domestica Nature Genetics 2010 August 3rd 68
Cannabis Cannabis sativa Genome Biology 2011 October 20th 1
Lotus Lotus japonicus DNA Research 2008 May 28 110
Soybean Glycine max Nature 2010 January 14th 283
Pidgeon pea Cajanus cajan Nature Biotechnology 2011 November 6th 0
Chocolate Theobroma cacao Nature Genetics 2010 December 26th 19
Papaya Carica papaya Nature 2008 April 24th 227
Arabidopsis Arabidopsis thaliana Nature 2000 December 14th 2500+
Arabidopsis lyrata Arabidopsis lyrata Nature Genetics 2011 April 10th 22
Various Brassica rapa Nature Genetics 2011 August 28th 1
Thellungiella parvula Thellungiella parvula Nature Genetics 2011 August 7th 0
Date Palm Phoenix dactylifera Nature Biotechnology 2011 May 29th 5
Rice Oryza sativa L. ssp. japonica Science 2002 April 5th 1989
Rice Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica Science 2002 April 5th 2003
Brachy Brachypodium distachyon Nature 2010 February 11th 36
Maize Zea mays Science 2009 November 20th 336
Sorghum Sorghum bicolor Nature 2009 January 28th 362
Moss Physcomitrella patens Science 2008 January 4th 381
Selaginella Selaginella moellendorffii Science 2011 May 20th 6
  1. All citation numbers come from google scholar.