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This is an expansion of Search.

In addition to the options available to normal users, admins have access to the following tags:



These tags function analogously to the other type tags. "User" is only available in the Admin Page's search function (not in the Header search).





These options return all results that have (1) or do not have (0) the specified property.

If using the Admin Page search (rather than the Header search), there are several options available to manipulate the data directly once it has been populated:

For Genome, Experiment, and Notebook:

1) Click the padlock icon to toggle the restricted status of that item. An open lock is an unrestricted item, while a closed lock represents a restricted item.

2) Click the trash can icon to toggle the deleted status of that item. Deleted items are highlighted red.

3) Click the "Info" link to go to that item's related info page. (GenomeInfo, etc)

4) Click the "Edit Access" button to open the access dialogue. From this panel, clicking the "x" next to a user or user group will remove their access to the current item. Type a username or id in the dialogue bar to grant access to a user.

For User and User Group:

1) Click the "Show Data" to display information relative to that user or group. Much of this information can be manipulated as described by the above section.

---a) For a User, this will display all the Genomes, Experiments, and Notebooks that he or she owns, edits, or reads. If the User is a member of a User Group, this will also display any item that the User Group owns, edits, or reads.

---b) For a User Group, this will display a list of all Users in the group. Clicking the "Search" button next to any User will display that User's information page.