Sharing data in iPlant's Data Store

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There are several ways to share data from iPlant's Data Store:

Using the iPlant Discovery Environment to share access to a the coge_data directory.
  • Use iPlant's Discovery Environment Data window:
    • Open the data window by clicking on the data icon
    • Select the folder/file you wish to share
    • Click the "More Actions" menu
    • Click "Manage Sharing"
    • Search for a user by first name, last name, or user name
    • Click on the user
    • Set their permissions to "read" or "write"
    • Click "Done"
  • iRODS command line:
    • Use ichmod:
    • Note: when using the imv command, please use the following steps to ensure that CoGe gets access to the files. This is required due to a limitation in the iRODS design.
imv /iplant/home/username/ordinary_data /iplant/home/username/coge_data
ichmod -r write coge /iplant/home/username/coge_data
ichmod inherit /iplant/home/username/coge_data
  • Generate quick-share links
    • The [iPlant Discovery Environment has a way to generate a quick-share link that lets you generate a URL to a file that someone can use to download the file directory (no log in or permission checking) in a web browser. It is not the most secure means to transfer data as anyone with the link can download the data, but it is convenient to email someone a URL to get a file.