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This page contains a detailed list of CoGeBlast settings.

URL Parameters

The general URL parameters for CoGeBlast are as follows:<parameter>&param2=<parameter>&param3=<parameter> etc. 

URL parameters are used to load sequences into CoGeBlast. There are two methods of doing this: using Features, or using Datasets

Parameters Utilizing Features

General form:
This is a list of feature ids that instruct CoGeBlast to load sequences associated with the features the feature ids represent. An example is below:
The above ... indicates that any number of fids may be strung together in the URL.
Note: No numbering is associated with the "fid" - i.e the parameter list
is incorrect and will result in sequences not being properly loaded.

Parameters Utilizing Datasets

General form: 
This is a dataset id for the sequence to be loaded.
This is the chromosome from the dataset associated with the dataset id.
This represents the start position of the sequence on the chromosome selected.
This represents the stop position of the sequence on the chromosome selected.

Parameters Utilized In General

Select whether or not to reverse complement the sequence(s) being entered into CoGeBlast. Boolean value, with 0 being no reverse complementation, and 1 being yes.